Thursday, August 18, 2022

Large portions of history to be left out of Israeli curriculum


Wow! They may as well be a Chareidie Yeshiva, they don't learn these things either!

They don't learn about the Holocaust, Tanach, Mazada etc. Nada!

They do learn about the destructions of both Bais Hamikdash but really don't know any details. This Tisha Be'ov I heard a Yeshivisha speaker speak about the Churban, but what he said was so amateurish, he probably got his stuff a comic book. 

In accordance with the reform in Israel's standardized matriculation exams, which will take effect in September, the material taught in the nation's high schools will be cut drastically. As part of the cut, the chapter that discusses the Second Temple Period in Jewish history will be completely removed from the curriculum.

According to a report in Haaretz, high school students will no longer learn about the following topics: the Babylonian exile, Cyrus's proclamation, Ezra and Nehemia, the Second Temple, Hellenism, Antiochus' decrees, and the Hasmonean, Masada, and Bar Kokhba revolts.

Attorney Racheli Sinkin, who is running in the Religious Zionism party primaries, commented: "In a few years no child will understand why the State of Israel is any better than Berlin. Our job is to return the Tanakh (Bible, Prophets, and Writings), Jewish identity, and history to the curriculum, otherwise we won't be here!"

Earlier this year a major reform in matriculation exams was announced. According to the reform, students will no longer be required to take 12 to 14 matriculation exams, but only four to five. The subjects in which students will be tested in external exams will be English, mathematics, another language, and an elective. A student will also be able to take another elective if he or she chooses to do so, for example, science or computer science.

With the exception of those external exams, other subjects such as Bible, literature, history, civics, and more will be taught within the schools and the examination will take place internally. At the same time, the standard that students will be required to meet will be particularly high.


DrMike said...

Israel's education system has been in trouble for years. Instead of putting discipline back into the system and empowering teachers to hold students accountable, they are lowering the standards to ensure more pass.
I have secular cousins who were educated in the 70's and to this day can still quote swatchs of Tanach by heart. It is critical that the Israeli system teach Torah and Navi, the history parts at the least, along with Second Temple history.

Anonymous said...

You should consider seeing someone about your (anti) chareidi obsession, you can’t seem to say anything without bashing them

Anonymous said...

Does your wife know that you surf the internet? Or do you hide that? What about your little bastards. do they know?