Sunday, August 14, 2022

Israeli Yated States That Gedoilim Choose Candidates Based on What's Good for Klall Yisrael and not because of personal "Negios"


It would be an "Aveirah" to let the following pass without making any comments.!

The Israeli Yated Ne'eman want us to believe that the  Roshei Yeshivas and Chassidishe Rabbanim should be trusted in their selection of candidates for the Knesset because they do not have any "personal biases" and they are choosing them based on what's good for the tzibbur and it is therefore imperative that the public go along with their recommendations and not speak against their handpicked candidates. 

What Yated Ne'eman cannot explain is how is it that the Rebbe of Gur chooses a representative for his chassidus, the Rebbe of Belz chooses a representative for his Chassidim, the Rebbe of Viznitz chooses a  Viznitz chasid , as for the Litvishe,the Kaniewski followers chose their own candidates, and the followers of Rabbi Gershon Eidelstein choose their own people, and all this happens without 'personal biases', everything is supposedly done as what is "best for klall Yisrael,"

Message to you guys:

Stop lying! We are not stupid!

All the Roshei Yeshivois and Chassidishe Rebbes, every single one of them, choose candidates based on what is best for their own communities and they do not base it on what's best for the general tzibbur. Absolutely!

I'll give you one example, in Ger, their representative was Litzman who entered the Knesset in 1999. Was Litzman the best candidate for the Jewish people? He was chosen by Ger because he was a Gerrer Chusid. If he were a Sadigere Chusid, the Gerer Rebbe would have chosen another candidate. The Gerer Rebbe did not choose Litzman because he was the best for the tzibbur. Proof? 

When Litzman was forced to resign because he was indicted, the Rebbe immediately replaced him with Goldknup a shady guy, but that didn't matter as Goldknup is a Gerer. 

The truth is that it is only natural for every Torah leader to choose someone who follows their personal viewpoint. 

But stop telling us is that the candidates chosen, were chosen without any "negiois" without any biases, and this is what is best for Klall Yisrael. this isn't true, it's a lie and no one is falling for it!


na said...

no surprise there. people who lie and fight and are ready to destroy families for personal power will also act on their Negios and not in the public interest

Anonymous said...

It's all about definition. In Gur, "the Jewish world" is Gur. In Lubvatich it's Lubavitch. Someone who's good for Belz is, for Belz, good for the "the Jewish world."