Thursday, August 25, 2022

Convicted criminal & pervert Eliezer Berland to hold prayer event at Mearas Ha'machpilah


The head of the Shuvu Banim sect, convicted criminal Eliezer Berland, is expected to arrive in the city of Hebron on Thursday evening in order to hold a prayer event at the Cave of the Patriarchs (Me'arat Hamachpeilah), together with his followers.

Berland has to date served two prison terms, the first following his plea bargain after admitting to serious sex offenses, the second following another plea bargain after admitting to fraud and extortion. However, he has thus far not faced justice for his role in the deaths of two young men targeted by his students, even though he has freely admitted that he knew of at least one of the deaths at the time. Furthermore, several people who were then considered close to him have testified that it was Berland who ordered his followers to commit the murders.

Meir Shitrit, the brother of one of the young men, Nissim Shitrit, who disappeared in 1986, is protesting Berland's visit to the holy site. Berland met with him several months ago, following the arrests of several of his students. "I'm sorry I did not tell you 35 years ago: You can say Kaddish for him," Berland said, referring to the Mourner's Prayer recited by first-degree relatives. Shitrit's body has not been recovered.

"This is an absolute disgrace," Shitrit wrote on Thursday, after hearing of the intended visit of the sect to Me'arat Hamachpeilah. "The Jewish community of Hebron is about to welcome this notorious individual, Eliezer Berland, a person who is unworthy of being a leader of anyone. They are using public money to support a convicted sex offender who admitted to and was found guilty of terrible crimes and who is guilty of the three cardinal sins in Judaism, sins so grave that a person must give up his life rather than transgress them - sexual offenses, murder, and idol worship."

Shitrit added that, "They are advertising that the 'tzaddik' [exceptionally righteous person] is going to visit Me'arat Hamachpeilah today, the resting place of our holy Patriarchs and Matriarchs. It's incomprehensible that a person like this could be a descendant of our holy ancestors when the blood of their descendants is on his hands. I cannot comprehend the sheer insolence of this cruel murderer whose followers, to this very day, continue to conceal the place where my brother Nissim is buried, may Hashem avenge his death. I cannot comprehend the fact that there are still people who support this man.

"The Torah teaches us that we must not stand by and allow our fellow Jews' blood to be spilled," Shitrit continued. "We are all the children of our holy ancestors - all of us, other than this man who brazenly and openly transgressed the three gravest sins in the Torah. I sign this with grief: 

Meir Shitrit. May Hashem console His people and avenge the blood of His servants."


Anonymous said...

Funny thing. A few months ago I was staying at an AirB&B in Jerusalem. An apartment building at the bottom of Nevi'im near Sha'ar Dameshek. After settling in on the first day I went to look for a place to daven Mincha and, hearing noice behind the building, went to look and found a shteibl in a courtyard. Dumpy place full of Chasidim. I went in and asked when Mincha was and they gave me a time and then asked if I was there to see The Rav. No, I said, I'm just here to look for Mincha. Oh, they said, you'll want to meet The Rav. A great and holy man. Okay, I said, who's The Rav? Well, they said, surely you've heard of Rav Berland, the great and holy man!
I didn't go back.

Frum but normal said...

My question is, why is this rabies infected sewer rat still breathing.?
There is a commandment “ IBIHARTA HARAH MIKIRBECHA”
Sewer rats need to be fumigated

na said...

is you want to do kol dovor user min hatorah just call yourself a Rav or Admor and a free pass will be given to you

Neshama said...

Have you not read:
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This book attempts to trace the true story of Rabbi Berland, and contains hours of first-hand interviews and testimony from many people who have known him from his earliest years.

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In these pages, you’ll learn how Rabbi Berland’s unusual behavior marked him out from a very young age; how even as a young man he was marked for greatness by the previous generation’s Torah giants in the nascent State of Israel, including Rabbi ElyaLopian and the SteiplerGaon; and how he came to be known to thousands of people as the ‘One in a Generation’ who could work open miracles when all other hope was gone.

Volume II picks up where this book ends, and will set out the events leading up to the scandalous persecution, exile and incarceration of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, which will surely go down in history as one of the most murky and shocking episodes in the history of the modern State of Israel.

As a young man, Rabbi Eliezer Berland (aka Eliezer ben Etia) spent his time criss-crossing Israel, talking Torah to people society had rejected – when he wasn’t spending whole days and nights out in the fields, talking to God.

Over the years, he won the respect of luminaries like the late RavOvadia Yosef, and learned Torah one-on-one with the SteiplerGaon, who called him a Torah genius and publically praised him in superlative terms.

As Rabbi Berland’s reputation as a miracle worker spread, thousands of people flocked to him for blessings and advice.

But all that changed in 2013, when he became the target of terrible accusations.

When kabbalists and scholars feared another holocaust in 2012 due to threats from Iran, Rabbi Berland entered into a secret pact to save the world. And so, he set out on an astounding three years of self-imposed exile, which took him from Jerusalem to Morocco, Zimbabwe, Holland and South Africa.

Rabbi Berland hit the headlines in every country he passed through, as he prayed alone for hours in the jungle, crossed borders without passports, and continually confounded the police forces who were sent to arrest him.

In Volume II of One in a Generation, we introduce you to the real Rabbi Eliezer Berland, explain why he was forced to confess to crimes he’d never committed and discover why some people are still relentlessly hunting him down.

Anonymous said...

Why would you call him delusional more than yourself who believes the media and tv shows I think your naive use your head like a yid think before you come to a conclusion

LES AYM said...

Gotta stop smokin' weed, man!
Time for a reality check! WOW!

Solution said...

Send Berland to 770 Eastern Parkway.