Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Chareidim Had enough with the Chareidie Riots and beat the hell out of each other... refusing Ambulances thru ..

 These were the autopsy riots. Ironic how the Chareidim are so concerned about the dead and don't care about those still alive!

It's Bein Hazmanim and these "lomdishe thumb twisters" are going berserk with sheer boredom, so expect them to cause mayhem all over chareidie neighborhoods.

Watch  Chilonim enjoying the fights!


They refuse to let ambulances thru 


Professor Ryesky said...

There were police officers on the scene!

Never mind the tear gas and the rubber bullets, where were the police dogs? How many arrests were made?

Circle said...

This is too painful to watch.
I bH have 2 married kids living in Yerushalayim. The Americans would never act in such a vulgar and uncaring way.
If their rabbaiem disagreed with their actions, they should be there condeming it. מלו אתה שומע הן.
How are we supposed to connect with them if all we feel is revulsion?
This is so so sad.

Anonymous said...

They actually had a successful bein hazmanim. Mission accomplished

DrMike said...

This shows you the righteousness of the seculars. In any other country, if they tried this the cops would show up with water cannons and tear gas and the protest would end right away.

גענוג שוין said...

Where is the skunk scented spray?

How about? said...

Those involved in such things should lose all gvt. benefits.

Anonymous said...

Once they stop talking and use physical force, it's time for brass knuckles. Demonstrate Infront of government buildings & places all day, but innocent people? Brass knuckles and bats time.

Simple, you're allowed to stop someone from being גזלן you. You're allowed to use force too. They're taking away your time and money. Simple solution.

The funny thing is, they'd call the police one they get hurt.