Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Zhviller Rebbe passes away suddenly


The Sanz Zviller Rebbe, Rabbi Shlomo Goldman, passed away suddenly at the age of 66.

Rabbi Goldman's family said that the Rebbe suffered a heart attack at his home and collapsed and lost consciousness.

A Hatzalah team was called to the scene and attempted to resuscitate the Rebbe, but he passed away, to the heartbreak of his family and Chasidim.

Rabbi Goldman worked for 20 years as a mashgiach at the Rozhin Yeshiva. He became the Rebbe 12 years ago following the passing of his father.

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Anonymous said...

The rebbe's uncle who passed away in 2017 was the sanz zviller rebbe. He was the son in law of the sanzer rebbe. The rebbe himself had no connection to sanz.