Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Jonathan Pollard endorses Ayelet Shaked


Former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard announced Tuesday morning his endorsement of Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and her Zionist Spirit party in the upcoming 2022 election.

In a video statement, Pollard declared himself an independent, but said that given the “difficult and dangerous time” Israel is in, he has decided to offer his support to Shaked.

“As everyone knows, I am not a member of any political party or faction. And to date, I have not formally endorsed any individual or slate,” Pollard said.

“I’m an independent whose only loyalty and concern is for the Land and People of Israel.”

“Because of my unqualified love of this country, and my dedication to her survival and wellbeing, I must now endorse someone who I know will serve Israel in a way that will safeguard both our core interests and our honor.”

“That person is Ayelet Shaked.”

“Yes, she exhibited misplaced loyalty in our last government. But I truly believe that she realizes the mistake that she made and will not repeat her error.”

“We need her now, free and clear of the bad influences that hurt both her personal reputation and her political credibility.”

“We all make errors in judgment. The difference is between those of us who refuse to acknowledge such errors, and those of us who recognize their errors and commit never to repeat them.”

“I believe that Ayelet Shaked is just such a person and deserves to be given an opportunity to continue being part of Israel’s leadership.”

“At this difficult and dangerous time in our history, we need and deserve a proven patriot like Ayelet Shaked.”

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DrMike said...

If Ayelet wants to be in the next Knesset, she needs to either merge with Bibi or Ben Gvir now.