Monday, August 15, 2022

Beit Shemesh 30 year-old Principal Arrested for allegedly Assaulting and Abusing his Students


During the past two weeks, an investigation was conducted at the Beit Shemesh police station against the director of the Talmud Torah in the city, on suspicion of assaults and abuse of his students over the past few months.

The investigation began following complaints received by the police from parents of children studying there, regarding violence and abuse allegedly experienced by their children (ages 8-10) by the principal.

In recent days, investigators from the Beit Shemesh police station of the Jerusalem District have collected evidence and testimonies against the Civil Administration, and last night the suspect (in his thirties) was arrested at his home in Beit Shemesh according to a court order.

This morning, the suspect's detention was extended by the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court from four days, until 18 November 2022.


Anonymous said...

Those dirty, corrupt Zionists. What's wrong with bashing the sh#t out of someone else's kids? Makes sadists and sociopaths feel better. Might destroy the kids forever but who cares.

Anonymous said...

Where is the photo of this alleged perpetrator let them show his face big Knacker against children we’ll see how strong and bully he’ll be against the big boys in prison don’t bend down to pick up the soap.