Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Pollard Reverses Course, Retracts Support for Ayelet Shaked


Former spy Jonathan Pollard announced Tuesday evening that he is withdrawing his support for Zionist Spirit leader Ayelet Shaked due to her unwillingness to commit to supporting a right-wing government only.

Earlier in the day, Pollard had endorsed Shaked, saying he had shown “misplaced loyalty in our last government” but maintained she “realizes the mistake” and would “serve Israel in a way that will safeguard both our core interests and our honor.”

“After talks that took place recently and seemed positive, and after my words regarding Ayelet Shaked were published this morning, it became clear to me that she refuses to make necessary changes to her list and to commit that she will only join a right-wing government that will preserve the Jewish identity of the country,” Pollard said in a statement quoted by Israel’s Channel 2 News political journalist Amit Segal.

“This raises real concerns that she will once again transfer votes from the right to the left,” Pollard said, adding, “That’s why I retract my support for her.”

In response to Pollard’s message, Shaked issued her own statement.

“I was happy to hear this morning about Jonathan Pollard’s support for me,” she said.

“The poisonous machine that was directed at him from the moment he announced his support for me put Jonathan in an impossible situation and I’m glad he pulled himself out of the eye of the storm.

“An Israeli hero like Jonathan deserves to be at the heart of the consensus and not become a target in the toxic discourse of Israeli politics.

“As I have said at every step in recent weeks, only together will we win. This is the secret of the strength of the people of Israel.”


Frum but normaL said...

Contrast this to the person buried in Monroe, who's yahrzeit was last week,

Anonymous said...

Stupid comments should be explained

DrMike said...

Fascinating. First of all, Shaked is staring at the edge of political oblivion. At least Bennett resigned as a MK. She's going to be sitting there on election night wondering what to do with the rest of her life.
But what I don't get is: Pollard. Yes, I know who he is but really, who is he now? What political influence does he have to give endorsements? I'm Jonathan Pollard and as a former low-level US government employee who was jailed by anti-Semites, I endorse...
I mean, who cares?