Monday, August 15, 2022

Chareidim Riot After a Chareidie Uncle Murders His 4-year-old Nephew .. State Wants to do an Autopsy


Every single county will do an autopsy when there is a murder to determine the exact cause of death. Poiskim have ruled many times that in a case of murder the government has the right to do the autopsy.  Many years ago when a chassidishe guy was kidnapped and murdered the dayanim allowed the autopsy.

But what is interesting is that these protests are all in Chareidie neighborhoods where the majority of the residents agree with them, yet these protests don't allow the innocent residents to continue with their lives for hours. The protests are all violent something they learned from the arabs!

 It's Bein Hazamanim so Israel should get ready for many more Chareidie riots that will disrupt the country. 

Ultra-Orthodox protesters staged demonstrations in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, and Bnei Brak on Sunday evening against state plans to conduct an autopsy on the body of a four-year-old boy who was allegedly killed by his uncle in Jerusalem over the weekend.

Police said that hundreds of ultra-Orthodox protesters gathered in Shabbat Square and on Bar Ilan Road in Jerusalem, as well as on Nahar Yarden Street in Beit Shemesh. A smaller protest took place in Bnei Brak Sunday.

Police reported clashes and rioting in all three locations, saying that “hundreds of rioters were blocking roads, throwing rocks, and setting garbage cans alight.”

In a statement late Sunday, police said at least five people had been arrested and that officers were working to break up the protests. In photos from Jerusalem, protesters stirring on a road can be seen being sprayed by a police water cannon.

Jewish tradition generally opposes autopsies on the grounds that the human body is sacred and should not be tampered with after death. Exceptions are often made in murder or manslaughter cases and courts have in the past overruled the wishes of families.

Ultra-Orthodox protesters had called to take to the streets in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Modi’in Illit, Bnei Brak, and Safed, on Sunday to oppose the expected autopsy.

The move came after a Jerusalem court accepted the request of the police and prosecutors to conduct the procedure on the body of a the boy who died Sunday morning while in the hospital.

In a statement after the boy’s death on Sunday, Shaare Zedek Medical Center said “emergency staff and the pediatric intensive care unit fought for hours to save his life but unfortunately we must pronounce the child’s death.”

The family of the victim has appealed the decision and a hearing is set for Monday morning, Channel 12 reported.

According to an initial police probe, the boy did not respond Saturday morning to the calls of family members. After the father was called home from the synagogue, relatives noticed a family member’s door was locked and broke into his room, where they found the boy lying on the floor with signs of strangulation on his neck.

The relative, 27, was then arrested on suspicion of attempted murder by officers called to the scene. Hebrew media outlets on Sunday identified him as the boy’s uncle.


Anonymous said...

1.wheres your post on the SUPREME COURT ruling that there be NO autopsy?? Do you not respect rule of law? 2. Very dishonest of you to go on the whole diatribe about autopsies in murder cases- it can be murder and cause of death clear cut

Dusiznies said...
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Anonymous said...

Which dayanim allowed? Please provide names and if possible evidence

Dusiznies said...

It seems you missed the entire gist of the post!
My point was that Chareidim went out into their own neighborhoods and damaged their own properties and disrupted the lives of their own neighbors, that were either coming home from work, mothers collecting their toddlers from the parks, ambulances couldn't get by, in their own neighborhoods, just like the Arabs and the gangsters of the BLM movement.
As far as the Supreme courts ruling on autopsies it seems that when there is a murder then the rules do not apply, this morning the court agreed with the parents and it could be that the court decided that it was clear cut.
You and I are not detectives and we don't know what "clear cut" even means. The autopsy would determine the cause of death. Now that the autopsy hadn't been done, the defendant could claim that the child would have died anyway or that he tried to dislodge something the child put in its mouth. If the defendant and in this case it was the child's uncle then the autopsy results can find him innocent. So in a case of murder an autopsy can be a benefit to the defendant.
There is a theory, and this is on Chareidie WhatsApp chats that the parents don't want the autopsy not for only halachaic reasons but to try to get that uncle back on the streets.
Not so simple1

Anonymous said...

Ask Stark's brother who was murdered and the dayanim allowed an autopsy

Anonymous said...

Automatic genuflect, he asked for names of dayonim and you go on about people damaging their own property. Yes some people actually care for hashem and a brother in need enough to damage their own property
You are a dishonest hypocritical apikores
You make israel more and more disgusting with each of your hypocritical posts

Dusiznies said...

They didn't damage their "own property" which is itself an isuur me'doirisah of Baal Tashchis, they damaged their neighbor's and the tzibbur properties, which again is an issur me'doirisah.
I may be an "dishonest hypocritical apikores" but you are an "am ha'aretz" and according to the entire shas an "am ha'aretz cannot be trusted! also I may do teshuvah and no longer be an "apikoras" but an am ha'haretz will always remain an am ha'aretz.
You are a troll and the question is: Does your poor wife know that you are a masochist? Does she know that you surf the internet and go on sites that are loaded with "apikorsas?"

Brisker Payois said...

Hashem wants you to "damage your own property." Give us an example?

Anonymous said...

You write articles for the enlightened, that don't just follow rabbis like all the other ones, so when someone wants you to back up your words, because he just doesn't follow like a naive so called chareidi, he should get an answer. Which rabbi gave the heter and why?

Anonymous said...

You don’t owe any of these clowns an explanation. They are the same minded people that let rapists and molesters roam free for generations to not be mossar.