Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Did Anti-Vaxx Parent of Yeshiva Ktana Passaic Lie Allowing Her Children To Contaminate Both Passaic & Lakewood With Measles?

Email to DIN
Measles Alert said...
The letter below from Yeshiva Ktana Passaic was prompted by the Lakewood bochur who went home to his anti-vaxx, anti-doctor mishpocho in Passaic

His younger sister in YKP girls building Bnos Bracha also got measles & went to school with it

The family is obviously lying on several fronts about their vaccination status because they are now afraid of a backlash. 
There are suspicions that they may have also submitted forged documentation to yeshivos regarding vaccinations (several anti-vaxx families in different cities are in fact also suspected of forging vaccination records which anyone with a computer can do)

Dear Parents,

All students of Yeshiva Ktana of Passaic, Bais Yaakov and Preschool have met the requirements of immunization. However, there is one case of measles in the Girls Building.

The Passaic Board of Health has mandated that all staff members must show proof of immunity to measles. Therefore, we are forced to close school tomorrow, November 28, 2018, for the Preschool, Bnos Bracha Elementary and Bais Yaakov High School (Boys Division will be open).

Tomorrow, all staff will be screened. Further information regarding school on Thursday, will be forthcoming.

Please note that the 8th grade girl’s trip will take place as scheduled. All chaperones have been cleared for measles. Please make sure your girls are at the Pennington entrance by 10:15. They should have lunch (no bread) and a siddur for Mincha. No knapsacks.

BYP Informational Evening is canceled for this evening. The new date will be announced.

Sorry for any inconvenience but it is beyond our control. If you have any questions please email

Thank you.
Rabbi Hirth


Anonymous said...

Put these idiots in cages and keep them away from the general population.

Bryana said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You clearly don't look into anything you post here.

Anonymous said...

Measles Alert said...
Direct rebuke of Philly at the Agudah convention during a taped Q&A.

R' Elya Brudny was asked do we follow rabbonim or the doctors regarding vaccinations.

He answered that Rav Elyashev ztl said from the Gemara that we are mechuyev to follow the consensus of the medical profession.

Rav Brudny was mamshich that it is INSULTING and AGAINST DAAS TORAH that some people are trying to undermine vaccinations. And that going against Rav Elyashev is the epitome of going against Daas Torah since he was the recent manhig hador.

Passaic said...

When the self-described "Mrs Measles" 'fesses up about deleting comments critical of the culprit family maybe then she can squeak about something being "incorrect".

People in town know all about her censor.

Anonymous said...

Just because they got the measles doesnt mean they weren't vaccinated.
The vaccines are 97% effective therefore 3 in 100 vaccinated people will get it. How can you accuse someone of lying if you dont have all the facts

Daas Torah needs blogs like DIN said...

Philly pressured R' Malkiel to take one more stab at saving face for the Kaminetzky anti-vax insanity so he wrote to Rav Sternbuch thinking he was the most likely to maybe break ranks with all the other gedolim.

Wow did Rav Sternbuch ever demolish them in his reply letter! That whatever arguments lehalacha being told to R' Malkiel are basically am haaratzus and not only that but those responsible (Philly along with some stupid BTs & holistic groupies) are causing a massive worldwide chilul Hashem that thanks to them all the goyim now hold frumma Yidden to be a laughing stock who do not care about pikuach nefesh of yenem.

Passaic-Clifton said...

The baalas teshuva woman in Passaic who doth protest too much in an angry comment above should stop her stealth shilling for the anti vaxxer losers.

No you do not physically cheer lead for them but your dishonest censoring of the online community group you control is even worse.

Get a real job where you don't have so much time on your hands for this nonsense you've been up to.

People are getting hurt.

Even if no one else catches the measles, think about all the economic harm being inflicted on parents with kids at home who must hire help or cannot work until this is resolved.

Anonymous said...

Don't be scared of her threats as there is plenty of evidence that can be provided how she is censoring the online forum in favor of the anti-vax family.

People shouldn't make legal threats when discovery will prove their critics correct.

Then again people like her are all bark for precisely that reason & will quickly drop any idea of suing.

Anonymous said...

1:11, 1:23 which have been deleted + 1:40 were all the Passaic family's de facto advocate creating artificial support for herself after she threatened "legal action". It's besides the point that even if she was telling the truth she doesn't have a pot to pish in before hiring a lawyer noch dem tzu.

Passaic Lie Detector said...

Ignore the weak attempts to cover up.

3% not immune post-vaccine means it is statistically impossible for multiple people in the same family to catch measles when supposedly "vaccinated".

For argument's sake let's pretend that these reckless imbeciles in Passaic could somehow be the only family in history where so many get infected despite supposedly being "vaccinated" ...

Even this doesn't help them however because they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed & keep contradicting themselves.

They have made various statements that don't add up. This goes way beyond the lie that the son from Lakewood ran home to Passaic to hermetically self-quarantine himself.

They are now manufacturing a false narrative because they are terrified of the coming backlash.

And they have a history of propagandizing around Passaic that Doctors don't know what they are doing & therefore should not be trusted, should not be patronized.

Exactly right that the BT woman manipulating the Passaic internet group in their favor needs to get a real job instead of farkoyfing her $10 alphabet tzettlach & get a life while she's at it.

Dusiznies said...

I didn't take her name off because she threatened me with a lawsuit .... G-D knows how many times I have been sued in court and the Judges threw out all the cases ......
In fact in one case I countersued and won and now have a lien on the guys house...
I took her name off after she sent me copy of all her Instagram posts which were all pro vaxx! ....
She also told me that she is not the administrator of that Facebook group and that her comments were also removed by the administrator .... once she planted a seed of doubt I had no choice but to remove her name...
If find positive proof that she lied to me I'll reconsider ....

Will the real Passaic Cover Uppers please stand up said...

Because "she" has been doing all the yenting and appears to control the Passaic site, she's been getting all the blame.

Looking into whether someone else is on top of her. We'll get back to DIN on that.

But regardless, there is proof that she is either doing at least some censoring herself or completely in cahoots with whoever it is.

And don't get fooled by her sly manipulations of allowing commentary that doesn't completely laud the anti-vaxxers because we are aware of instances where she edited from the original comments to water down & lessen the criticism in a way that was very favorable to the anti-vaxxers. This does not mean she edited ad hominem attacks. It means she edited factual things that are damning of the perps.

"She" is part of the problem, part of the health hazard, in helping create a public impression that it's not so bad to be anti-vaxx.

Anonymous said...

beyond the fact that ALL of this thread is serious Lashon Hara against the family and against Bryana, I've noticed most everyone who comment's on here slams Bryana as being a BT, like that somehow matters. Is being BT disgusting to you, or a determent, or somehow makes her information that she shared less credible? Please do try and justify your lashon hara

for the record, i am pro vax and not anti vax, so i do not have any vested interest in defending anyone here. Just think any argument when hurling an insult or demeaning someone for being a BT immediately disqualifies you from holding any position.

Fact checker said...

Lashon horah is permitted in some circumstances and even required in others.

If someone blabbered in public you can repeat what they said as they obviously did not mind publicizing it to begin with.

And certainly when someone is aiding & abetting in any way a public health hazard there is chiyuv to call them out so that they will cease & desist.

For someone who would appear to be a Bryana ally it is quite interesting that out of a lead posting with 15 comments you are the only one naming her.

I only see 2 comments by the way (besides your's) that contain the phrase BT / Baalas tshuva.

While there is a minority out there who, unfairly, just have it in for BTs, it is difficult to decipher someone's tone on a blog. There is otherwise a common sentiment out there, which could very well be what is at play here, that when a BT acts out of gross ignorance, it only then irks a more significant portion of the population into sneering at the BT's background.

Until Philadelphia yeshiva joined the anti-vaccine camp, the only two recognizable anti-vaccine groups in the orthodox world were either very backward chassidim or baalei tshuva who were a little too "enlightened" for their own good.

DIN Gets Results said...

Because this is so important, DIN should consider pinning this post at the top of the blog until new information stops coming in.

Spoke to staff at some yeshivos. They have long suspected that some vaccine paperwork submitted by parents are forgeries.

Until now at least they have not been reporting these observations to higher ups.

It is blogs like this who will help bring about direly needed changes to stop these maniacs from spreading plagues.

Will the Real Passaic Cover Uppers Please Stand Up said...

We said we would get back to din after some research.

Check an above post on Dec. 3rd for the information.