Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Monroe Guy who allegedly killed man in Chinatown can still drive: DMV

The 70-year-old upstate motorist who allegedly killed a man and injured a half-dozen other pedestrians in Chinatown Monday is free — with a valid license in hand — to still drive.
Henry Herman, of Monroe, was charged with seven counts of criminal misdemeanor for failure to yield, one for each person struck, and three traffic violations, including for failure to exercise due care, unsafe backing of a vehicle and driving on/across a sidewalk.
He must appear in Criminal Court but was freed with a desk-appearance ticket after cops say he lost control of his SUV.
A DMV rep said Herman is still allowed to drive.
He “has a full and valid NYS driver license, and there are no other crashes or driving convictions on his record,” the spokeswoman said. The DMV couldn’t say if his license could be yanked if he is convicted.


Measles Alert said...

the letter below from Yeshiva Ktana Passaic was prompted by the Lakewood bochur who went home to his anti-vaxx, anti-doctor mishpocho in Passaic

his younger sister in YKP girls building Bnos Bracha also got measles & went to school with it

the family is obviously lying on several fronts about their vaccination status because they are now afraid of a backlash. there are suspicions that they may have also submitted forged documentation to yeshivos regarding vaccinations (several anti-vaxx families in different cities are in fact also suspected of forging vaccination records which anyone with a computer can do)

there is a moronic Facebook page in Passaic run by Mrs Bryana Toran who is acting as ambassador for this dangerous anti-vaxx family & covering up for them by deleting any comments that expose the cover up lies or that even mildly criticize the family

Dear Parents,
All students of Yeshiva Ktana of Passaic, Bais Yaakov and Preschool have met the requirements of immunization. However, there is one case of measles in the Girls Building.

The Passaic Board of Health has mandated that all staff members must show proof of immunity to measles. Therefore, we are forced to close school tomorrow, November 28, 2018, for the Preschool, Bnos Bracha Elementary and Bais Yaakov High School (Boys Division will be open).

Tomorrow, all staff will be screened. Further information regarding school on Thursday, will be forthcoming.

Please note that the 8th grade girl’s trip will take place as scheduled. All chaperones have been cleared for measles. Please make sure your girls are at the Pennington entrance by 10:15. They should have lunch (no bread) and a siddur for Mincha. No knapsacks.

BYP Informational Evening is canceled for this evening. The new date will be announced.

Sorry for any inconvenience but it is beyond our control. If you have any questions please email

Thank you.
Rabbi Hirth

Anonymous said...

How does Herman claim he lost control? Did he accidentally floor it instead of tapping the brakes to slowly back up?

Measles Alert said...

Direct rebuke of Philly at the Agudah convention during a taped Q&A.

R' Elya Brudny was asked do we follow rabbonim or the doctors regarding vaccinations.

He answered that Rav Elyashev ztl said from the Gemara that we are mechuyev to follow the consensus of the medical profession.

Rav Brudny was mamshich that it is INSULTING and AGAINST DAAS TORAH that some people are trying to undermine vaccinations. And that going against Rav Elyashev is the epitome of going against Daas Torah since he was the recent manhig hador.

Yirmy Reichberg and Yona Rechnitz said...

When a traffic infraction is upgraded to a criminal offense it is almost always to a misdemeanor no matter how serious as everyday "Sunday drivers" being charged as felons would overwhelm the courts.

It is possible to get up to a year in prison for each misdemeanor charge but it's unlikely that he will receive anything more than fines especially with the connected Satmar fixers out there.

There could be victim impact statements influencing the judge but since Chinese are not known to be Zionists, and thus potential targets, they won't have much more to complain about beyond that Herman has to watch where he's going.

And let's just say he's lucky he wasn't ausgechappt at the time by a ruach shtuss and wearing a Santa hat!

Anonymous said...

Let him drive only in his own community. Let him drive a school bus.

Romanisher Ferd said...

"Let him drive a school bus"

Isn't that a Satmar specialty to start driving a truck or bus and then after learning a few ropes you open your own gesheft to compete with the boss you just quit on?

You think this is a joke?

Lipa Margulies who everyone "affectionately" knows as "Margo" was bus driver for Torah Vodaas before ripping off the yeshiva's name + donor records that landed him in beis din. In those days he was not YET arrogant enough to feif on hazmonos.

Joe Yeshivish said...

And don't forget that he started with David Lichtenstein's father A”H and then muscled him out.