Thursday, November 29, 2018

Peleg Gangsters Schnorring To Raise NIS 650,000 To Pay Damages From Lawsuit Filed By Former IDF Officer Against Them

The Ramle Magistrate’s Court was the venue for a lawsuit filed by Yehuda Glickman against the Peleg Yerushalmi as he headed the Bnei Yeshivos Unit in the IDF and was targeted in the ‘Chardak’ campaign run by the Peleg and Eida Chareidis. The court ordered the Peleg to make compensatory payment in the among of NIS 650,000, which they thought would be paid by askanim from Satmar and the Eida Chareidis. The sum has yet to be paid.
In fact, a second lawsuit has been filed against them, this time by a former Shachar program official, seeking NIS 500,000 in damages. Here too Fein is mentioned along with Yonah Martzbach and others.
In the meantime, Shlomo Fein, the head of the Nefesh HaChaim Talmid Torah of the Peleg, a school that does not accept state funds, has yet to pay the NIS 650,000 and the court has already issued an order preventing him from leaving the country. This is the first stage prior to beginning legal collection actions against him.
Interestingly, while there are askanim who can easily pay the sum, no one is stepping forward and the Peleg is now beginning to ‘pass around the hat’ in the hope of raising the money needed to pay the amount. People are being asked to donate to the talmid torah to assist him, informing donators there will be a raffle on Chanukah and there are prizes including a hotel stay for a lucky winner.

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