Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Litvisheh Yeshiva Guy Follows Girl Assaults Her And Runs For His Life!!


Huh? said...

The guy looks like a mental case.

"Litvisheh Yeshiva Guy"

How do you know that he is a "Yeshiva Guy"? He is wearing neither a hat or jacket.

He may not be Litvish either. Maybe he is just a lost youngster of unknown background out on the street.

Jonny said...

He doesnt look well but that is insane nonetheless! Good she fought him off! Israeli Spunk!This guy needs to be hunted down.

Anonymous said...

Shows the importance of GOOD quality security cameras. He'll be caught in hours thanks to the cameras

Anonymous said...

It MUST of been VERY VERY important to claim that he was LITVISH.
Because if he was CHASIDISH this would NEVER EVER EVER happen.
Accept in Atlantic City or the Gentelman's club Etc.
B"H you know nothing about the Gentelman's club.