Wednesday, November 7, 2018

First Shtreimel Guy In The New York Assembly

Simcha Eichenstein, 34,  a Chassidishe guy from Boro-Park, and who wears a Shtrimel on Shabbos will replace Dov Hikind as the Democrat Chareidie representative at the New York Assembly!

Eichenstein, is  married,and  the father of four, was born in 1984, to a prominent  Bobover  family and is proud of his yeshiva education.

He worked in various different capacities for the Mayor of New York Mayor DeBlasio. 

He announced his candidacy more than six months ago, a few days after Hikind had announced his resignation after serving 30 years in the assembly. 


Frum but normal said...

the DemonRat party has morphed into a far left socialist anti-American one world government traitorous bastards,on top of it it slowly but surely turning into an anti-Israel anisemitic party.
how any Jew could give his vote for these swines is beyond me

AishKodesh said...


Shalom aleichem all! I am not here, Chas V'Shalom, to read posts, (although they do seem to have gotten better, DIN), but I wanted to at least check in and see how everyone is doing? How is life? How is the family?

Kol Tuv and all berachos!