Friday, November 2, 2018

Shocking video shows driver and passenger fight on a Chinese bus before it spins out of control and plunges off a bridge into the Yangtze River, killing at least 13

Police say a brawl between a passenger and a bus driver was the cause of the bus plunging off a bridge in south-west China. 

An eight-second surveillance video posted by Chongqing police on its social media account today shows a woman fighting with the driver before the bus veered into the wrong lane and fell into the Yangtze River on Sunday. 

The female passenger started quarreling with the driver after she missed her stop, according to Wanzhou district police.

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Joe Yeshivish said...

Watch the video. The bus didn't VEER off. The driver DROVE it off. You can see him deliberately steer the bus off the bridge.