Friday, November 23, 2018

Israeli Bobover Chassidim Will Wear Hats Instead of Shtreimlich This Shabbas

Passengers from Flight 028, from the US to Israel were shocked to 

discover that all their baggage with their Shabbos clothing were left in Newark for "security reasons"!

Bobover Chassidim are furious with  El Al, although this time it is unclear who is to blame for the mishap.

Flight 028 from New York landed on Friday morning with 200 Chassidim, about 160 of them from Bobov who returned from a wedding. They received notice that the suitcases with the Sabbath clothes and the Shtreimelch remained "for security reasons" in Newark.

"We were told that we were dealing with security reasons, but the feeling was that this was a technical malfunction that left us in this situation," one of the passengers told DIN.

El Al response was:
 "Due to the lack of manpower at the TSA (the security inspection supervisors in Newark), the baggage was delayed for inspection and arrived at our security check after the passengers were already on the plane!

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