Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Iranian Jews Visit 1000-Year-Old Shul Every Year At Yurzeit of “Ohr Shraga”

A group of Iranian Jews made the difficult trip to the city of Yazd, located some 600km from Tehran and today, a recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO. They make the trip annually, on the Yahrzeit of the Ohr Shraga ZT”L, visiting the 1000-year-old shul for the event.
The Ohr Shraga, who lived in Yadz some 200 years ago, was a noted Torah scholar and Kabbalist who occupies a unique place in Persian Jewish tradition.
One woman who comes explains it is difficult and expensive, as there are not enough bus and train tickets to be had. In addition, no one sponsors the cost and each person who participates has to cover costs out of pocket.
The Jewish population of Iran today has dwindled from 120,000 to 20,000 today, and some continue this annual event in the ancient shul, arriving from all over the country.
It is explained the Yazdim Shul in the Bucharim area of Yerushalayim has its roots from here too. This is the shul HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L used for many years, to deliver his motzei Shabbos drasha which was carried on radio in Israel as well a broadcast around the world.
Head of the kehilla, Humyoun Sami, tells them it is all from gifts received from Hassan Ruchani, the Iranian President, who he feels treats them well.

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