Monday, November 5, 2018

IDF Soldiers Finish Shas

Watch our beautiful soldiers celebrate the completion of Shas

I'm asking .... what kind of lo-life can you possibly be to abuse or harm one of these tzadikim who are there to protect our brothers and sisters in Israel .... ?

How much chutzpeh does it take for a Chareidie parasite who probably cannot learn one pasuk Chumash with Rashi by himself, to humiliate a frum IDF Soldier in uniform ...?

Why are the "gedoilim" quiet about this? 
They were all running around like poisoned mice to tell us how to vote .... but say not a word when our children are being harmed.

I am certain that there isn't a hell hot enough for someone who dares lay a finger on one these IDF true Gedoilim! 

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