Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Frum 67 Jewish Woman Pistol-whipped, Robbed While Shopping In Miami

North Miami Beach police are searching for two men who robbed an Orthodox Jewish woman at gunpoint last week outside a supermarket.
The robbery was reported shortly before 4 p.m. Friday in the rear parking lot of the South Florida Kosher Market at 1324 NE 163rd St.
According to an incident report, the 67-year-old woman, who has not been identified, was walking back to her car from the supermarket when she was approached by two men who ordered her to hand over her purse.
Police said the woman refused and a struggle ensued. One of the men, who was armed with a handgun, pushed the woman into her Toyota Camry and the robbers snatched $1,000 in cash from her purse.
The woman, who normally uses a cane due to arthritis and other injuries, wasn’t carrying it with her at the time of the robbery.
“This guy is on my right side. This guy is on my left side. He takes the gun, and he starts hitting me, hits my head with the gun, hit my shoulder and my back also,” she told WSVN news.
The victim was also hit on the top of her head, leaving a gash.
“He hit me a few times with the gun, so my whole face swelled up,” she said.

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Anonymous said...

The ganavim did NOT ask for her purse. She would not have been so suicidal to fight a guy with a gun over a pocketbook. She had put her pocketbook and groceries in the trunk of her car and was getting into the car when this guy suddenly materialized on her left side. She saw the gun in his hand and tried to get away but he pushed her into the car. Another guy got in the car on her right side. If you're wondering, these two guys were Bnai Cham. (There aren't so many Bnai Yishmael in Miami) The one on her left hit her over the head, face and shoulder with the gun. He tried to get the keys and she thought he was either going to make her drive them somewhere,or he was going to drive the car himself, but in any case, she thought she might be taken somewhere where she might never be found. That's why she fought them -- she was determined NOT to go anywhere with them. It was her life, not her pocketbook, that she fought for.

She screamed, people came out, the chayos ra'os ran away. B'H despite a lot of blood she was not badly injured.

The money was in a pouch in the door pocket, not visible from outside the car. The thief just got lucky. When he saw the pouch and grabbed it, he had no idea what was in it. Just a lucky guy. It is to hoped that he overdosed on the drugs he bought. He did not ask for nor did he see her pocketbook, which was in the trunk.

She bentshed gomel the next day (Shabbos). Some of the stolen money was made up for by generous donors.