Wednesday, November 21, 2018

42-year-old woman jumped out of her office window in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange After "aggressive" Police Questioning

Mazal Hadadi ע''ה

Israel billionaire Lev Leviev's diamond company LLD has asked Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to probe the circumstances of the suicide of Mrs. Mazal Hadadi who was questioned under caution this week in connection with a massive diamond smuggling scandal.

The 42-year-old woman jumped out of her office window in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange District on Tuesday night.

"The circumstances of her death raise the suspicion that she took her life due to severe emotional distress due to the aggressive and disproportionate investigation she was subjected to in recent days," the letter stated.

"The incident requires an independent and urgent examination by the attorney general's office of the circumstances of her death," the letter added. According to LLD, they have information that indicates that the employee was subjected to severe pressure and threats that caused her severe mental distress and deep shock.

The woman was a junior clerk who, according to LLD, was on her way to the train station on Tuesday with a colleague when she received another summons from the interrogators by telephone; about half an hour later she was found dead under the window of her office.

In a statement released Tuesday, the company had said: “With great shock and deep sadness we received the notice of the terrible loss of a company employee. We will take all steps in our power in order to assist in the investigation of her death in order to put an end to this difficult situation, and to assist in the serious phenomenon of the trampling of rights of those being investigated and the irreversible damage caused by the drive to create headlines.”

The Israel Police said in response: "We regret the tragic results of the incident that took place in the Ramat Gan Sock Exchange."It said that the police does not usually speak about proceedings related to investigations that are underway or to the suspects or those questioned. "Nonetheless, because of the announcement made on behalf of the company involved in the police investigation, the police believes it is appropriate to say that details given in the announcement are fundamentally inaccurate. The Israel Police always acts with the requisite sensitivity, while meticulously maintaining the dignity and rights of suspects and interrogees, and taking a variety of investigative actions aimed at bringing perpetrators to justice. "

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