Tuesday, November 27, 2018

El Al Mess .... What Was The Real Issue .... A DIN Prospective!

Now that El Al is compensating all passengers, and the crisis is basically over ... we can now stop and evaluate what really happened.

I am not going to go into all the details that have already been reported and regurgitated in the media. 
What I would like to focus on is only one aspect of the problem....

How does a frum "observant" Jew travel to Israel on Thursday night in the best of circumstances???

One of the passengers was a well known Rosh Yeshivah, who will remain nameless, who threatened El Al with a boycott. 
What was he thinking??? 

How does a mechanech of spiritually vulnerable young minds take a risk of being Mechalel Shabbos, taking a chance to travel on Thursday evening, hoping to get there in a comfortable window of time???

Where is the outrage of "Daas Torah?"
Why isn't there one Yeshivish or Chassidish Dayan protesting the fact that there were frum people ... Roshei Yeshiva no less, leaving on a 10 to 11 hour flight on a Thursday night??

The passengers all complained that  "El Al staff weren't there on time"
 When El Al initially responded that "the weather was bad, " the passengers retorted that they, the passengers were all there on time so why wasn't the staff on time?

Question: How does a frum Jew who heard horror stories about the weather ... hearing that people were in their cars from 6 to 8 hours on a trip that usually takes 45 minutes to an hour, how do they continue to the airport... on a Thursday evening????

Yes ... Yes they say ... that El Al is a Shomer Shabbos airline and  would make sure that they get there on time....

Shomer Shabbos ....??????????

Do you know how long it takes for cargo to be inspected and loaded on a plane??? I'm not talking about passenger cargo ... I'm talking about cargo that planes take from companies doing business in Israel.....

Yes .... yes ... El Al doesn't fly on Shabbos....but how and when  does cargo from companies get on the plane??? Especially now that Shabbos ends at approx 5:30 P.M.?

I got news for you guys ... the cargo gets there 5- 6 hours before the plane takes off ... yes ...absolutely ....  cargo was loaded on Shabbos... ... 
Tell me .... I'm waiting with bated breath ... What time on Saturday do they clean the plane??????
Hmmm? You never gave it any thought???? I don't believe you!!

So don't give me this cockamamie excuse that you were confident that El Al would make sure that they get there before Shabbos??

Yes .... shut up already about "El Al Pilot Lied To Us" ....
What about you? Don't you have any respect for Shabbos, the most important Mitzvah in the entire Torah??
I'll bet you a dollar to donuts that there wasn't a single "baal teshuvah" on that flight .... not a single one! 

You took a chance... you took a risk .... you gambled... and you lost!!!!!

I'll bet that if this wasn't El Al but happened on United or Delta .... you would all shut up!
And the airline would tell you to take your business elsewhere!

How do I know? You ask?????

Because I spoke to a Chabad guy who told me that practically twice a month, Frum Jews taking other airlines come in minutes before Shabbos and call the local Chabad asking for help with food etc ...

and BTW ... as the slogan goes "Crap Happens" 
Grow up ... I've flown often enough ... I know all about delays etc ... 
If I want to get there on Shabbos I give myself more than ample time, and if I can't ... I sit on my proverbial fat ass and stay home!

And don't tell me as my friend who was on the plane told me ..
"It's not about the money!!!" "I swear It's not about the money!!"

It's all about the money ... 
and I wonder if that Rosh Yeshiva will get a private special deal with El Al to fly free for the entire year ...
I wonder......

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Yossi Yeshivish said...

Wow! A proverbial ass. I don't know if I've ever seen one of those . . .