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Day Yoimie Snippets ... Menachois Pages 79,80, 81,82, 83, 84 & 85

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דף ע''ט ..הנסכים והדם 
Page 79 Mesectas Menachois  
"The Nesachim & The Blood" 

There was a requirement to bring Nesachim ( wine, Oil, Flour), with each sacrifice offered onto the Alter.

The Talmud on this daf discusses a dispute amongst the rabbis to when is the time when the Nisachem become sanctified?
There are those who say that the Nesachim become sanctified when the sacrifice is slaughtered. 
There are others whose opinion is  that the Nesachim become sanctified only after the blood of the sacrifice is sprinkled on the Alter.
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''דף פ' ..קרבן תודה ו''ארבעים לחם
Page 80 Mesectas Menachois  
"The Korban Tamid and the 40 Loaves of Challas"

The halacha is that if one was cured of a chronic illness, or was released from jail, etc., that person is obligated to bring a "korban toda" a "sacrifice of thanks" to the Temple, to thank Hashem for the miracle that Hashem performed for him. 

He was allowed to choose an animal for his sacrifice from the following animals ...
a lamb, ram, goat, calf or a bull.

Together with the "korban toda" he was required to bring 40 special loaves of Challa, that were called "40 Challas."
He was required to eat those 40 loaves  only during the day that he brought them and the evening after, and this had to be eaten with the korban.

Commentaries write that the reason he was required to bring 40 loaves of challa and have them consumed during day and that night ..... is because it would be almost impossible for one to eat that many challas in such a short window of time, so he would be forced  to invite guests to help him finish his requirement thereby publicizing the miracle that Hashem did for him.

''דף פ''א .."נדר קרבן תודה 
Page 81 Mesectas Menachois  
"One Who Vows To Bring a Korban Toda"

One who vows to only bring 40 loaves of Challa of a "korban toda,"
must bring the korban itself as well. 
Since the one who made that vow knows that it is impossible to bring 40 challas without a korban toda, it is clear to us that, that was his intention when he vowed to bring the 40 loaves of challah.

דף פ''ב ... אברהם אבינו ועקדת יצחק
Page 82 Mesectas Menachois
"Avraham Aveenu and the Sacrifice of his son Yitzchok"  

From the story that the Torah relates in reference to Avraham Aveenu's sacrifice of Isaac we learn that the kohein must sacrifice animals with a knife.

When Hashem was telling Avraham to sacrifice Isaac, Avraham took a "knife" to perform the mitzvah.
''וישלח אברהם את ידו ויקח את המאכלת לשחוט את בנו''

The Hebrew word  מאכלת is translated "knife."
So this is the source that when a kohein performs the slaughter of an animal in the Temple it must be with a "knife."

The story as related in the Torah continues with the mitzva from Hashem NOT to sacrifice Isaac, and so Avraham slaughtered a ram in his place.
The Midrash relates that Hashem appointed Avraham as a kohein during the time that Avraham reached Moriah, so that Avraham would be able to sacrifice the ram as a kohein.

דף פ''ג ... הקרבת הקרבנות
Page 83 Mesectas Menachois
"The Sacrificing of Animals"

The time to sacrifice animals in the Temple was during daylight.
We know this because the Torah in a verse in Vayikra writes:
''אשר צוה ה' את משה בהר סיני ביום צותו את בני ישראל להקריב את קרבניהם''

From the above verse we deduce that sacrifices must be performed during the day only.

The Talmud adds that all sacrificial services must be done with the right hand. 
We deduce this particular halacha from Metzorah....(the leper) .. just like by the halachois of the leper we know that the kohein dipped the finger from his right hand in oil, so too all sacrificial  services had to be performed with the right hand.

דף פ'ד ... מצות ביכורים
Page 84 Mesectas Menachois
"The Mitzvah of Bikkurim"

The word bikkurim comes from the word bechor ... firstborn ...
so bikkurim are the first fruits that appear ... 
It applies to the 7 fruits only (pomegranates, olives, wheat, barley, grapes, dates and figs).

A farmer would go out to his orchard and would notice that some of the fruits of the tree have begun to sprout, he would proceed to take a ribbon and tie those fruits that have begun to sprout and would pronounce "these will be bikkurim."

When these "tied" fruits have ripened and ready to eat, he cuts them off and puts them into a basket and brings them to Jerusalem to give to the Kohanim
The mitzva of bikkurim takes place from Shevuois until Chanukah

The Rambam in Hilchos Bikurrim rules that those fruits that ripened after Chanukah, are considered Bikkurim for the following year, and if can he should leave them until Shevuois.

דף פ'ה ... שפע של שמן
Page 85 Mesectas Menachois
"An Abundance of Oil"

The daf relates a story that  illustrates the abundance of olive oil in Eretz Yisroel, this was in merit  of the blessing of our forefather Yaakov to his son Asher ....
Most of the olives grown in Eretz Yisroel grows in Asher's territory.

"One time the people of Ludkiya (non-Jewish city) needed oil, they appointed an agent and instructed him to buy a million manehs worth of oil.

When he arrived in Eretz Yisroel,  he inquired where he could buy this amount of oil, and he was told to go to Gush Chalev (a town in the territory of Asher).

In Gush Chalev, he found a Jewish farmer that was digging under his olive trees. When he asked the farmer if he can sell him a million manehs of oil, the farmer asked him to wait until he was finished digging then took the salesman home, and on the way, the farmer cleared stones away from the path they were walking on .....
The agent was baffled and couldn't understand why this farmer who supposedly had enough oil to sell him would do menial job like digging and clearing stones from a path..

However, when they reached the farmers house, he noticed that the farmer's maidservant brought out a small kettle of hot water for the farmer to wash his feet and hands.... she then brought out a golden basin filled with oil and the farmer dipped his hands and feet in it....
The farmer then measured a million manehs worth of oil..

The agent then bought so much more oil that he rented all animals in Israel to carry the oil to his country


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