Monday, November 26, 2018

Yechiel Feingold, 20 Killed By Hit And Run Driver in Lakewood

Yechiel Feingold z"l
Tragedy struck the Lakewood community on Sunday morning, when word spread of a horrific crash that took the life of a young man.
The crash occurred just before 7:30AM on County Line Road near Cedar Row.
Lakewood Hatzolah arrived and found one victim (the passenger) in traumatic arrest. He was rushed to a local hospital, but was R”L Niftar moments after arriving.
The driver was rushed to Jersey Shore Trauma Center in critical but stable condition.
The Niftar has been identified as Yechiel Feingold, 20-years-old of Baltimore, Maryland. He learned in Rabbi Goldblatt’s yeshiva in Lakewood.


Anonymous said...

If you look at photos - was any one speeding ? How about seatbelts?
The damage on car is massive - it did not happen from just driving within the law.
No one is justifying anything Chas VeShalom just others must learn from incidents as such - Le'tau'eles.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Pretty insensitive remarks speculating on a pshiah by the tragic victim z"l and driver. They were likely headed to shachris at that time. Let's be dan everyone licaf zechus, especially those that can't even defend themselves. That would truly be "letoeles".