Monday, November 5, 2018

Rabbi Weinberger of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, describes Rabbi Aderet's "Pittsburgh" Speech “obscene” and “vile.”

Rabbi Weinberger

Rabbi Aderet’s speech
drew a strong response from Rabbi Moshe Weinberger of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, who described the speech as “obscene” and “vile.”

Speaking passionately, Rabbi Weinberger said that those who died in Pittsburgh were killed for a single reason only: because they were Jews.
“The murderer didn’t hide that, that was his whole tachlis of going into that place,” said Rabbi Weinberger. “So, how dare any person standing up, whether it is in the Five Towns or Great Neck or Borough Park or Yerushalayim for that matter, to stand up and to say these are people from the mabul, these are people who are michalelei Shabbos … let that be a warning to the Jewish people, let that be a warning to all Jews. Hashem should forgive this person or these people for talking that way.”
Rabbi Weinberger pulled no punches in his criticism of Rabbi Aderet, who he did not identify by name, finishing his remarks by telling an individual in the audience who was recording his words “and you can send that to anyone you want, including the rabbi.”
Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi (the Chuchem from the Ma Nishtana, and Holocaust Denier) was another who spoke at length about the Pittsburgh tragedy, drawing parallels between the weekly Torah portion of Vayeira which discussed both bris milah and the atrocities of the city of Sodom and its subsequent destruction, and the events that transpired in Pittsburgh.
In a telephone interview with VIN News, Rabbi Mizrachi was surprised to learn that there had been no bris at the synagogue when the bloodbath erupted.
“So why is it reported?” asked Rabbi Mizrachi, adding, “They misled the public.”
DIN: Oh "They misled the public?" ..... 
Mr. Holocaust Denier ... you are the one who misleads the public on a weekly basis.....
Despite the misinformation, Rabbi Mizrachi (Mr. Holocaust Denier)said that he stood by his words, noting that while it is not his place to judge anyone, there is no punishment that comes to this world for no reason.
The bris story was not the only fake news that emerged in the aftermath of the tragedy in Pittsburgh. Early news reports that the oldest victim, 97 year old Rose Mallinger, was a Holocaust survivor proved to be untrue.
The Holocaust claim was debunked by a tweet posted a day after the shooting by family friend Sara Yood who wrote “Rose Mallinger was my dear friend’s great aunt.
She was not a Holocaust survivor. Please remove this misinformation – I am trying to this work on behalf of the family so they don’t have to deal with it. Thank you. #PittsburghSynagogue #TreeofLife.” 
It also appeared on fact checking website Snopes(, where it was classified as false.  Numerous websites subsequently amended their reports to indicate that early claims that Mallinger had lived through the Holocaust were incorrect.


BigFatGetchka said...

Harav Noach Issac Oelbaum used the the same wording when he spoke atthe White Shul Kinnus in Far Rockaway.

"Vile, obcene and halachically incorrect."

BigFatGetchka said...

His name is Rabbi MOSHE Weinberger

Shame on Rabbi Moshe Weinberger said...

"Speaking passionately, Rabbi Weinberger said that those who died in Pittsburgh were killed for a single reason only: because they were Jews."

Shame on Reb Moishe Weinberger for grandstanding and beating up on Rabbi Aderet.

The evil murderer was angry because of HIAS bringing in refugees, and the Temple where it happened had had a 'Refugee Shabbat' the week before. The Temple had been politicized (in addition to being desecrated in other days, whether or whether not there was a toeivah bris there when it happened).

He should go and beg mechilah from Rabbi Aderet shlita.

Just because Weinberger wears a big shtreimel doesn't mean he has brains.

Weinberger likes to pose as a big lover of Yidden, it's part of his Chassidish act, but you can see the hate against people who disagree with him seething below the surface, burst through sometimes. This is one of them. It seems he loves the mechallelei Shabbat from the Temple more than the great Rav Aderet shlita.

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger cool it said...

About five months ago, the same Rabbi Moshe Weinberger of Woodmere similarly lashed out against a choshuve marbitz Torah from Baltimore who wrote a letter to a magazine questioning aspects of Weinberger's Neo-Chasidus movement.

What was the result? A few days later he asked mechila of the MD Rebbe, admitting that he spoke too strongly, and the Weinberger attack on him was taken down from the YU Torah website. At the time he said, what can I do, sof kol sof, I'm Hungarian.

Just because Weinberger is wearing a giant shtreimel and has a hot head, doesn't mean he can just unload on people like that.

Rabbi Weinberger, be a man and apologize.

Rabbi Aderet is a senior Rav and has been around longer than you. He spoke based on what he was told. He knows the churban wrought by the heterodox.

concerned said...

Here is my opinion on this controversy, for what it's worth...

As a rabbi, Rabbi Aderet has a right and maybe even a duty to interpret events as he sees them and to instruct his community likewise. I do take issue with the WAY he conveyed his message for the following three reasons:

1.He is not stupid and he knows that this clip will get out there. He even called it his State of the Union Address. By letting this get beyond our community, it will be misinterpreted. We will all be lumped together as evil heartless people by those that don't understand this message and are looking to see the bad in our community and to bunch us together with Muslim fanatics. He should have made this speech to his community and not as a public service announcement.

2. Another problem is that he does not show any sympathy. We are presumably not talking about first generation conservative Jews. The whole community and all the participants don't know any better and are heavily influenced by the outside culture. It is sad, very sad in fact, however we can't blame these people that much. Most of the blame has to go to their grandparents who threw off the Yoke of Torah and did not raise these children in a way that they would know right from wrong, unfortunately. So even if you do believe that this catastrophe was a message and an outgrowth of their sodomy (which can be the reason for bad things to happen to gentiles by the מבול, and for things to unfortunately happen to our berthern even the תינוקת שנשבו) one must display the caring and the empathy that should come natural when discussing our brothers and sisters.

3. Even with his strong opinions, we should all publicly show solidarity with Jews that were killed expressly because they are Jews...much in the way we discuss the Egyptians and Yitzyas Mitzrayim even though we know God has a reason.

In terms of Rabbi Weinbergers remarks... He was way too sure of himself and way to forceful to then turn around and accuse others of hubris and arrogance. But then again, Rabbi Weinberger was talking in the name of "The whole entire Zohar"...



This so called Rabbi,is nothing but a criminally insane filthy Jew hating swine,this is not the first time this MAMZER is doing and saying this obscene things, here is a link read it and weep

I vote for Emes said...

Re the comment timestamped Nov. 6 at 7:39 AM -

It is not clear exactly what happened there, as the article itself shows.

It is clear that Rav Aderet shlita is someone who cares about kevod shamayim, even if it is not PC, and doesn't look well in the liberal media. If Weinberger takes the PC line and Rav Aderet goes with the non-PC Emes, I go with Rav Aderet, I don't care how big Weinberger's shtreimel is.

Anonymous said...

Is this the way to respond to a Ruv who was invited buy the liberals to suport the gay community He stood up against them he believes in the torah way if anyone of you know him personally he is the furthest thing from what Rabbi Weinberger called him and classified him as

Democrat Watch said...

Rabbi Aderet is speaking the truth about the Pittsburgh massacre.

The rabbis attacking R. Aderet are acting as intellectually dishonest shills for the Left by claiming that the sole reason that the Pittsburgh temple was attacked is because they were Jews.

Why aren't the rabbis attacking R. Aderet discussing why the gunman picked that Temple? They would like to sweep under the table the Leftist Jewish activism in that Temple that works against the interests of America and against the interests of Jews.

No doubt the gunman is a deranged psychopath criminal, but the Jewish Left incited him and should be help responsible for that. If he had been targeting Jews simply because they are Jews, he would have targeted a Hareidi synagogue where Jews have a much more visible Jewish appearance than the Conservative Temple.

Leftist Jews are the ones who are bringing disaster upon American Jews, but these rabbis attacking R. Aderet don't have the intellectual honestly to admit that.

FedUp said...

I know Rabbi Aderet for 16years unfortunately. He does not have a sympathetic bone in his body. Over the years there were times I really believe he was the devil in carnate, he is a true charlatan. He has always professes the power of ruach hakodesh but the only power he has is the power his followers give him by believing his trickery. Look at this video he professes Hashem whispered to him that there was a bris milah by a same sex couple at the tree of life, NEWS ALERT! That never happened! That was fake news that he jumped on to divide the children of Israel. Look at the divisiveness he has created, some Jews praising him for promoting lashon hara and Motzi Shem ra. He tarnished the memory of these victims. Most people do not even know that this bris never happened and so they continue to praise and exult Rabbi Aderet for his standing up for “ Kidusha”. He is a trouble maker in Great Neck and has only caused strife. He has a little throne in his shul and he throws out people from “his” is they don’t look right to him. I witnessed him throw out a little boy because he was a student at Har Torah, a little girl because she came looking for her father in pants and literally chased her out into the street repeatedly screaming “go to church”. A man came to express his discontent with his wife and the rabbi announced that he should throw her out and because he has ruach hakodesh “ he must know something about this woman”. This man called the police and made false accusations against her to have her arrested and he was later arrested for filing a false report.
With all of Rabbi Aderet ruach hakodesh, he doesn’t know several of his male followers are having extramarital affairs and one woman in particular whom he constantly praises has had an ongoing affair for years. I’m sorry to air out the dirty laundry but at this point it’s time to be cleaned. Rabbi Aderet is a cancer to the Jewish people and other Rabbis here in Great Neck are afraid to speak up, one telling me he is a powerful force because of his connections. Somethings got to give, people have to start speaking up when rabbis like this become a negative force. I am sad he had to use this tragic event to inflate his ego and act the fool with his misinformation but at least the good that came of it is that Rabbi Weinberger spoke up, he does not owe anyone any apologies. He saw an injustice and chilul Hashem and called it out as we all should.