Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monsey Rabbonim are busy with the Goy St. Lawrence while Jews in Israel Are Being Murdered!

When was the last time anyone drove on Route 306 or Route 59 in Monsey? 

Did you notice  developments being built, without giving any thought for any space for school buses to pick and drop off children, causing massive dangerous bottlenecks?

Just this morning I saw an EMT Ambulance trying to maneuver thru traffic on 306, at the Belzer Yeshivah, a building  that doesn't have a driveway for a bus to pick up and drop off children, and the ambulance was stuck in traffic for 8 precious minutes while the School bus was dropping off it's passengers on Route 306! Don't forget that when a bus has it's red lights on, traffic stops in both directions!

Can you imagine having your loved ones in that ambulance?

Did you see any space for children to play? 

Did you notice any greenery?

Did you wonder what happened to this once beautiful community?

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for development.... I'm all for building new Yeshivos...... 
Why not build developments that have a niche carved out so buses can safely pick up and drop off children? 
Why not build a "shtikel playground?
Where are the children supposed to play?

Did you notice the new development on Route 59 near the Finkelstein Library? 
Did you notice the children playing on the parking lots where cars come in and out constantly?

Did you notice the development recently put up on Route 306 with absolutely no place for children to play?
And who do you think moves into these developments? 
Chassidim, who have at least 5 children per family, that means hundreds of children roaming close to the cars whizzing by!
A tragedy waiting to happen!

Who endorses these crazy zoning laws allowing these developers to  build these dangerous houses, unfettered, and with total impunity?

You guessed it! The Rabbonim! 

So why would a Rav, a Ben Torah allow this atrocity to go on?
Because the developers bribe them!
There I said it!

But do you know what gets me? 
The Chassidishe Monseyeites found money to publish an entire newspaper with the entire 36 pages dedicated to electing this goy St Lawrence, a goy that is being bought by the developers!

Not only that .... they call it an "emergency election," and they write that if St. Lawrence is not elected as Town Supervisor, the anti-Semites will Chas V'Sholem get in!

Get it? They themselves caused this massive Chillul Hashem, turning Monsey into a huge parking lot with houses built on top of these parking lots , and they are wondering why the Monsey Goyim want to put an end to this?

There isn't even enough Yeshivos built in Monsey to accommodate these kids .... There are Hundreds .... yes hundreds of children with no Yeshivois! 
There was a bunch of Rabbonim that put an ad in the Yated and Der Yid, and Der Blatt begging Chassidim to first check out if there is room for their children in the Yeshivois before they move into Monsey!

Meanwhile in Israel, Jews are being murdered and stabbed, and what do the Rabbonim think is an Emergency?
Electing St. Lawrence der goy!

Nobody printed a special free edition to talk about the matzav of our brothers and sisters in Israel! 

Shame on us for allowing this! 
Woe to the residents of Monsey that only care about electing and bribing a goy! 


Anonymous said...

Jews in EY are being murdered because of Zionism as the punishment of ANI MATIR ES BESARCHEM, and as a direct result and consequence of the Zionist disastrous atheistic ideology, and you are busy with attacking every Jew everywhere and like a donkey following and defending them

Dusiznies said...

You upgerisinar naar!
The State of Israel has provided a home for every Jew since 1948...
there is not one single Jew in the entire world that is a refugee today!
Every single country, every single nationality has refugees, except Israel...
even you, the ungrateful bastard that you are has a home in the State of Israel!
go vote for the goy ... you traitor to the Jewish world

Anonymous said...

The SOI provided bla bla bla NOT FOR ME
I'm proud to live in the USA and BH I'm not a refugee, and Hashem yerachem how much longer the jewish inhabitants of EY will be able to be there, never mind the peaceful situation which was never and will never be over there
And no idon't have a home neither do i want to live in the SOI under the REAL traitors of KY the REAL Jews, my hope is the same as my forefathers and those of all of KY to live in EY not in the SOI
Someone who's defending them blindly like you is the REAL upgerrisener naar aka BEHEIMA

Git gezugt! said...

Git gezugt dus.

Anonymous said...

Just so y'all know, so far I have confirmed that at least three names of the list have been placed there fraudulently, so please don't think that "The Rabbonim" are busy endorsing CSL, it just is not true.

Anonymous said...

Your only mistake is that the Belzer Yeshiva on main st. DOES have a driveway for buses to get in and get out on the other side with no need to back....

Dusiznies said...

The buses don't use the driveway, because it's loaded with parked cars....