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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reb Mordechai Dovid Ungar, Rebbe from Bobov 45 Wants Peace! Video

Maybe Moshiach will finally come!

 Reb Mordechai Dovid Unger the "Bobover Rebbe" of 45th Street lost the Din Torah, and will no longer be called Bobover Rebbe. Inside reports suggest that he is ready to accept the Bais Din's decision and wants Shalom with his uncle, Reb Ben Zion Halberstam, the Bobover Rebbe from 48th Street!

The pressure is now on the Satmar Brothers to make peace, but I hear that they will sooner make peace with the Zionists before they talk to each other!
I'ts not in their DNA to make Shalom, since none of their ancestors going all the way up to Yerovom ben Navot, ever entertained making peace with any of the presumed enemies!
So if that ever happens, I will grab my wide gartle, and purple socks and run towards the guy on the donkey and yell at the top of my lungs "Moshiach, You are finally here!"


Anonymous said...

If you can't beat em, join em.

Anonymous said...

Let MDU pay up the millions he has ripped off in unpaid salaries, merchandise, rents, etc.

All the frumkeit is phoney baloney!!!

Anonymous said...

The older men there should play chess instead of listening to the BS

Anonymous said...

who is the owner of the blog "dus"? He sounds like a certified nutjob

Anonymous said...

To 8:15 AM]

I was told that Dus lives in Williamsburg. He certainly speaks English like a Satmar guy

Anonymous said...

Someone already mentioned in a comment on another subject, that he is an OTD SATMAR, but derby insisted that he is rather an OTW, Same thing really, Off The Way........), the truth is it doesnt really matter, thats for sure he has an agenda, a very obvious one, to find faults wrongdoings by the tzibbur hachareidi, wheather true or false, and if necessary he has no problem changing facts as needed by him, and at same time always pointing out the virtues of chilonim, doing the same thing adding or subtracting to his hearts content, to try to convince others, to think like him. I wonder if indeed he is a Shana upeirash or there is something else that drives him in that direction, its really not that important to know, because whatever, he is biased for some reason ,therefore whatever he says take it with a POUND of salt. Please observe, that whenever the comments begin to be against him, he either DELETES them, changing the rules in midgame, or starts ranting like a soreloser incoherently,occasionally using nivul peh, lies, insinuations, mevazeh talmid chachamim etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey I wonder if the above comment will be deleted or maybe he will just leave it, to prove you wrong, either way, with your comment you really put him in a dilemma, you have him cornered.

Dusiznies said...

To the above insane comments
I never delete any comments unless I say so in the post.
When I wrote about the 3 Shevuois, I warned everybody that I will not allow comments, because Satmar and it's cronies have the advantage of publishing 3 Yiddish weekly newspapers for their point of view..
We the sane ones, also need a forum to voice our opinions...
but in this thread, go ahead post what you want!
BTW I'm in middle of composing a post in answer to the Sefer just released which has the Rebbe's Shalosh Seudois torahs of the weeks during the 6 day war....
Some of what the Rebbe said is so outrageous that it will make even the pro-satmar guys squirm.

Anonymous said...

Shota rasha Vegas ruach, daal geiah, hedyot kofetz berash, aam haaretz, kal shebekalim, nezem zahav beaf chazir,huzhari begachlasan, mevazeh talmid chacham ein refuah lemakaso.

Anonymous said...

We already know that whatever you write is meaningless, for the reasons submitted by other commentators, its hilarious that this seems to be the going opinion of most surfers here, but you are the only one that doesn't get it, anything you write is deemed suspicious, and held as misleading to say the least, as mentioned for you to lie is easy, your face doesnt even change colors, its like 'hergal naseh tevah', possibly you can't even say or write or think truthfully, so dont bother, because nobody but nobody believes you anyway, but the aveirah counts as per your machshavaa raah.

Anonymous said...

...he has an agenda, a very obvious one...

Thanks for noticing. An agenda of wresting back my religion from the extremist fanatics who hijacked it. I respect the average chareidi tzibbur of whatever color and stripe, but not the megalomaniacal control freaks gone ga-ga with power who now speak for them. Almost every day, they come up with new gzeiros, chumras and newfangled poppycock to have their 15 minutes of fame, knowing and hoping they'll be in papers, blogs, Youtubes which they've ironically banned. They're smarter than you and me and 5x as rich.
You're again mixing me up with DIN and other posters, even though I might agree with them. Look closely, I sign at the bottom 'cause I'm not computer savvy enough to highlight my name with an orange highlight like they do. , I wish I knew how to do it.

.... Shana upeirash...
Until about year ago, didn't hear that phrase. Nobody I know ever heard it either until the control freaks fished it out from somewhere to silence opposition to them.
Seems like if anybody disagrees with YOUR rabbis they're shana upeirush, but that YOU who has insulted a few prominent tzaddikim in the most vile terms, and in insulting us has also in a wink-wink reference insulted the rabbonim featured here who have a different point than yours, so you aren't a shana upeirish. Admit it... You don't consider our rabbis worthy... right?? ok... I guess it's whose ox is being gored.
You're obsessing about me and who I am , though you'll deny it.
My family tree goes back to 4 continents of inter-shidduchim, so I can slip in with any group, feel at home, make their members feel at home, slip out and join another and do the same.I've been mistaken for Asian, Russian, Bucharian, Latin American, Mongolian and Oneida Native American Jews .
So I'm basically a man-about-town, a kind of international bon vivant, if you will. Mrs. Kol-Toov , the busybody on my block always thought I was a mixture of Hungarian Gypsy Jewish ,Biyalistoker kroit family roots , Ykaterinskaya Gubernia blood and a fifiger Galitzianer grandfather in the mix to boot..
As I always preach... It's not important where you came from... It's more important where you're going..

To Thine Own Self Be True... Shakespeare

the Derby,.... Kol TOOOV..!!!