Monday, January 13, 2020

Where’s that Philadelphia Muslim teacher who taught kids to behead people?

In early 2019, in Philadelphia, little Muslim children were taught to proclaim, “We will chop off their (the Jews’) heads”. 

Everyone read about this, but considering the anti-Semitic incidents that now abound, it’s important to think back, in retrospect, and look into this as a test-case: what did the City of Philadelphia do about the bizarre event?

The answer is that the City of Philadelphia “investigated”. And what was the outcome? 

Philly leaders reported with satisfaction, that the Muslim American Society, which had some affiliation with the event, had “taken immediate actions and dismissed the person in charge of the program”. 

But crucially, the city “investigation“ neglected to ask the Muslim American Society WHO was the mysterious “person in charge”, who is said to have been dismissed. What was her or his name?

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Months later, the name of the “volunteer in charge” of teaching this beheading rhetoric is, to this day, known to no-one. 

Thus a question arises: 
Does s/he exist?? Does it really make sense that only one single adult heard the speech rehearsed – although the speech was doubtless practiced many times, since children need lots of practice? 

For all we know, the entire leadership of the Muslim American Society might have been involved.
Even if there is a single offender who was responsible for the horrible event -- 

Here’s what DIDN’T happen, because no-one has, to this day, demanded the name/s of whoever in Philly taught those children to behead Jews:

a. If the offender was an immigrant yet to be naturalized, s/he should have been deported, and perhaps still can be.

b. There is a crime in all 50 states called “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”. The Philadelphia District Attorney could have used this to indict the anonymous teacher, for teaching Islamic children about beheading Jews.

c. The teacher who taught the kids about beheading, may for all we know be teaching children in other cities – such as New York City. 

Once the name of the “beheading teacher” is known, it would then be possible to submit an Educator Misconduct Complaint to the Department of Education, so the educator’s name is kept on file for the benefit of future schools, elsewhere. 

But the Department of Education has to date refused to investigate the mystery person responsible for the beheading lesson in Philadelphia -- because the name of the mystery person is still unknown. 

Of course, the Department of Education could obtain this missing information themselves -- via the mayor of Philadelphia. But they have not.

Thus for all we know, the person/s who taught the Islamic children in Philly to behead the Jews, may be teaching in NYC today. 

Interesting that New York Congressman Zeldin was one of the few voices - in the nation - that demanded at least a minimal inquiry into the Philly Fiasco. Did Congressman Zeldin have a premonition that what was being allowed to sprout in Philadelphia, might not stay there? If he did – recent events show he was right.

Susie Dym is spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an Israeli NGO

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