Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Scary: Israeli Yeshivah Boy Catch a "tremp" with Arab Who Threatens Him to Take him to GAZA ... The Driver Video'd it Himself ... Pathetic!

A Yeshivah Boy from Netivot take a 'tremp" from an Arab driver .... when he asks him where he is from .. he tells him that he is from Gaza and that he is kidnapping him  ... the boys beg to let him out .... but he refuses and asks for 1 million shekel ....
The Arab driver himself filmed the entire episode ...
he must have let him out a while later after frightening him half to death! 
The video went viral in Arab Social Media!
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תיעוד ברשת:
 נהג ערבי עצר טרמפ לנערים תלמידי ישיבה לנתיבות, וביצע מתיחה ואמר להם כי הם חטופים והוא בדרכו לעזה. הנערים מתחננים לרדת והנהג הערבי מסרב. את המתיחה צילם הנהג לרשת החברתית.


Fury Road said...

In the 1980s there was a Shvartza who made the unwise decision to stop for a bite to fress at an Italian restaurant in Howard Beach, Queens. The place fell silent with everyone staring at him. Someone went to the payphone to make a brief call. Within minutes there were carloads of Pizzanos arriving, armed with baseball bats & tree limbs. They gave chase. When he tried to cross the Belt Parkway he died as he was hit by a Jewish driver who didn't see him until impact. The moron Shvartza relatives were fighting for a long time that they didn't want charges pressed against the Italians until the driver is also arrested. The cops told them you are nuts as the guy is completely innocent.

Not much later a YU bochur got on an elevator in Midtown Manhattan. Besides him the only occupants were two huge Shvartz guys. They turned to him with furrowed eyebrows & started chanting "Howard Beach, Howard Beach". The bochur started crying & begging for his life. Then you hear the ding that the elevator doors are opening, the Shvartzas say "just kidding" and make their exit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this staged? See Jewish guy in back taking video from the get go. If so, genius.

Dusiznies said...

I understand that the kid in the back taking the video is also an arab
but it could be staged ... though I don't think so the bochur looked very frightened before he broke out crying ..

Anonymous said...

DIN, yes, if it's staged, the bucher (guy age 13 to marriage) likely didn't know. And they probably had rachmoones (pity) and revealed "April fools" right away. This explains why the video cuts so abruptly.

It seems the guy in back has a yarmulka. And driver asks "muayfo atem" (from where are you guys -plural).

Sam green said...

Never get in a car with someone u don't know even car service thy can trick u happen to me