Sunday, January 12, 2020

Satmar Slams Simcha Felder Because He Called for "Satmar's Lover Boy" De Blasio's Resignation

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Orthodox allies mounted a blistering defense after a top Jewish lawmaker demanded Hizzoner’s resignation over City Hall’s sluggish response to a surge in anti-Semitic attacks.
“We love our Orthodox elected officials who work tirelessly for the betterment of their constituents and our communities but we disagree when they berate openly other elected officials like the @NYCMayor or others etc, our #Torah teaches us a higher standard that we need to adhere,” the Satmar Headquarters tweeted Friday.
The Satmars are an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect with a large population in Brooklyn. They are closely aligned with de Blasio, who faced harsh criticism for failing to crack down on Orthodox yeshivas that don’t provide a basic secular education.
The account said the message was approved “by our leadership and the personal intervention of the Satmar Grand Rebbe Aron.”
The Satmars leader, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, is vacationing in Palm Springs, Calif. and could not immediately be reached for comment.
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The tweet rebuked state Sen. Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) for his Jan. 7 open letter that called on de Blasio to resign for his “dismal failure in responding to the crisis.”
A source close to the debate says the Satmar’s warning “seems justified.”
“By doing this Felder is screwing up high level conversations between the Jewish community and the mayor’s office,” the source said.
But Felder told The Post he believes Teitelbaum is in the dark about the post.
“I don’t believe the rebbe is approving or reading Tweets,” Felder said. “The feedback that I’ve gotten overwhelmingly has been very very positive I think people are sick and tired of what’s going on,” he said.
City Hall spokeswoman Olivia Lapeyrolerie defended the mayor’s response to the dramatic 26 percent uptick in hate crimes in 2019.
“We are committed to working with the Jewish community to prevent any further acts of hatred,” she said.


UJO said...

Is this real? Or another fake fallout between the puppet (Simcha Felder) and his UJO handlers?

Hopefully it's real and they abolish the Vaad Hatznius (Modesty Squads). Wink wink, secret police. That's why the Neturei Karta visits Iran often. To get help from the best.

Montreal said...

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