Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Satmar Chassidim in Israel Are "Ovdei Avoda Zara"

The poster above is an advertisement to "Learn Yiddish." Thousands of these posters are floating around the streets of Yerushalyim and Beit Shemesh.

The poster quotes the founder of the Satmar Chassidim, R' Yoel Teitelbaum:
"It is far better to bow down to a cross 100 times than to speak Hebrew according to Halacha"

The poster says that speaking Hebrew is equivalent to bowing to the Christian Cross! But nowhere in the entire poster is there any "maareh mekoimis" from the entire Shas Bavli, Yerushalmie, Rambam, Shulcha Aruch that speaking Hebrew is against "Halacha."
The only "maareh mekoimis" they have is from the "Vayoel Moshe" and the "Vayoel Moshe" made it up!

The problem Satmar has that they all by in large speak Hebrew...
even the radical "Aarilach" in Beit Shemesh speak Hebrew ; they  can hardly speak any Yiddish, and when they do speak, they sound like the Yiddishten..... 

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Anonymous said...

Before you ridicule someone especially a tzadik and gadol batorah, you should think a million times and then decide not to.

You know that he was exaggerating and you understand the point he was making. The Gemara (Chulin 90:) says that we find in The Torah, Neviim and words of Chachamim that they all spoke with exaggerations as a figure of speech.

Satmar Kugel Fresser said...

The Rebbe didn't "exaggerate" the Rebbe actually repeated this many times....

Please don't compare the Rebbe to "the Torah, Neviim" the Rebbe himself said in his Shalosh Seudas Torah in 1967 Parshas Shlach:
"I am not a Navie nor a son of a Navie"

It's not DIN that is ridiculing the Rebbe..... it's the Satmar Chassidim themselves that are distributing and flooding the streets of Chareidie areas with this nonsense...

Did you read the poster yourself???
If you did ... you would see yourself with your own eyes that whoever put out this poster made a fool out his Holy Rebbe...

Why aren't you screaming at the bastards that put this crap out ...
Is Hebrew Tumei?
If it is.. why are the "Aarelech and Ger and Chabad and R' Chaim Kanievsky speaking it?
You see nothing wrong with this absurd disgusting ad?

You want to cover for the Satmar rebbe while disparaging all the Gedoiei Yisrael that speak modern Hebrew?
Is that what Chareidie Teaching has come down to?
Is this Torah now to repeat the bizarre statement that it is "far better to bow down to a cross than to speak Hebrew? ....
He aggregated??
I think not! ... He repeated over a thousand times .....

Old Time Satmarer said...

Which part exactly did the Rebbe aggregate?

When he said "100 times" and he meant only 50 times"
Or that "Ivrit is tumeh?"

He didn't aggregate that it is "better to bow down to a cross"
He really believed that ... absolutely!

So tell us again we are waiting with bated breaths
Which part did he "aggregate?"

Mamma Loshon said...

This is Satmar hotheadedness getting carried away with what was really said.

The Chasam Sofer writes somewhere that there was a takonna by the late Geonim or early Achronim to switch from Lashon Koydesh to Yiddish because some lowlives were introducing made up dirty words to pollute what is heilig.

Sfardim / Edut Mizrachniks in certain countries stayed with Lashon Koydesh instead of switching to Ladino or other Judeo-Arabic dialects as they were not assered by their rabbonim. R' Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld & the Chazon Ish said that since Yiddish became the Ashkenazi mesorah we should leave Hebrew to the Sfardim. Somehow however only Yerushalmis & Briskers (among the Litvisher) are listening & still speak only Yiddish today. I am not familiar with how the non-Satmar Eretz Yisroeldik Chassidishe are feering zich. Avadda R' Yoelish was against but there is no way he would say anything nearly as childish as what his own chassidim are being mevazeh him to put words in his mouth