Monday, January 27, 2020

R' Friedman Leader of "Auerbach Terrorists" Meets With Father of Bochur Who Was arrested For Refusing to Register

Mr. Madihani, father of the trouble maker, Gamliel Madihani who was arrested for not registering for the IDF, as all boys of age have to do, met with the "Mullah "R' Tzvi Friedman who is the cause of all protests that stop traffic in key areas in Yerushalyim and Bnei Brak. 

R' Friedman went to comfort Mr. Madhini, because of his guilt feelings ...its been reported that R' Friedman was not caught in traffic by the protestors .... we wonder why?

It should also be noted that Mr. Madihani has absolutely no connection to R' Friedman or his predecessor the late Rav Shmuel Auerbach...

His son Gamliel actually learns in a yeshivah called "Zohar Ha"Torah" where he got radicalized and decided to refuse to register for the IDF.
He could have easily gotten an exemption if he had registered....
There are no Yeshivah Boys in prison who registered for the IDF the proper way. 
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Anonymous said...

He is a true gdol

Anonymous said...

While these protests are ridiculous, why does a boy have to register if he's going to be given an exemption?