Thursday, January 16, 2020

Rich Satmerer In KJ Gets Called Out For Taking His Son the Chassan At His Wedding To the Ladies Side ito Watch Women Dance For them!

The poster above flooded the Holy City of Kiryas Yoel where a "maaseh ne'vilah"(disgusting incident) took place ......

It seems that one of the wealthy baalibatim married off his son, and in middle of dancing, he had the Chutzpah to march his son over to the ladies side to watch his wife and daughters dance a special dance for the Chassan....

Well that crossed the line ... in a city where the leader is no one less than the holiest tzaddik in the entire world, the "Grand Rabbi of Satmar" Rabbinu Hagaon Hatzaddik Harav Aron Teitelbaum Shlitah, Av Bais Din d'kaak Satmar Kiryas Yoel! 

Will will attempt translate loosely most of it ..The Poster asks:

1) Where in Der Blatt (Satmar KJ Newspaper) is there an "objection" to this tragedy? ... we remember well when some "Purim Rebbe" crossed a line how Der Blatt in bold letters placed an "objection."

2) Where in Der Blatt is there an objection when the same newspaper printed an "objection" about a Satmar Asken that participated in a banquet honoring the President of the US ?

3) Where is Rav Aaron Teitelbum's "objection?"  he seems to manage to  organize protests for every little infraction that the (Zionists) do?

Nope! This didn't happen in some Litvishe town ...this happened in Kiryas Yoel.

The answer why they aren't protesting and objecting:
He is one of us Ahroinie!
He has money!
He contributes to our "propaganda! 

Students of Our Rebbe (Not)
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Anonymous said...


Please note: Number 3 is not vaad tzeeyoinim (zionist squads) it's vaad hatzneeyes (modesty squads) wink wink, secret police (case in point).

Satmar and Flatbush SY shita said...

DIN, mabrouk from Kings Highway!

How do you know about the Syrian dish "kaak"?

I assume it was no coincidence that since you phoneticize Satmar shita as shit-ah, you probably know that the more Americanized SYs stay clear of kaak, describing it as tasting & smelling like old shoes shmeared in dreck.


Dusiznies said...

I know that .... I translated the third "nekudah" I didn't translate the "Vaad Hatzniyois" Since I just wanted everyone to get the gist of it .....

I didn't know that "Kaak" is a Syrian dish ......
I was really sarcastically translating "kaak" .......which means really means
ק''ק "kehilah kedoisheh"
mabrouk ...

Anonymous said...

It aint worse then the holy Mitvah Tantz or the 'Mizinkeh'.

In the 'plaakaat' it seems to imply that the women (strange women) danced in front of the choosin and his 'pop' (which is a issue) but in reality it was his immediate family (Wife & sisters of the choosin) thus the comparison to Mitzva Tantz &/or Mizinkeh.

Which is OF COURSE OK by all vaadim and all rebbehs. And the Blatt, the yid and all other Chasidsh media.

Monsey said...

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