Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Polishishe "Klavta" European Parliament member compares Holocaust to animal abuse

Polish European Parliament member Sylwia Spurek stirred up controversy on Tuesday evening after tweeting a drawing by vegan artist and activist Jo Frederiks, that depicts cows walking through a slaughterhouse corridor in clothes reminiscent of those worn by Jews in Nazi concentration camps.

While comparisons to the Holocaust are always problematic, the timing for her tweet comes as world leaders, including the president of the European Parliament, gather in Jerusalem for the fifth World Holocaust Forum, set to start on Wednesday evening.
High-level delegations from 49 countries are expected to take part in the main event at Yad Vashem on Thursday afternoon, to remember the Holocaust and commit to fighting antisemitism.
In the tweet, Spurek said the drawing gives "food for thought," saying that "it's time for a serious discussion about the treatment of animals, the conditions in which they live, and how we kill them. Is this humane? Is this still agriculture?"
This is not the first time that animal rights activists have compared. In fact, there is a book by David Sztybel entitled, "Can the Treatment of Animals Be Compared to the Holocaust?"
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Joe Magdeburger said...

She looks like the product of about seven generations of inbreeding.

What's your face (Don't click! It's deep but not tzneeyesdig (modest).) said...

In-your-face animal rights (at the expense of human rights) feels like they are taking in your face atheism to an all new level.

By taking in-your-face atheism (at the expense of freedom of beliefs and speech) to an all new level, they are ruining it for the animals they are claiming they are fighting for. And ruining the health of the people eating them.

Now we just see them as loonies and we just eat more meat. A ha, a positive message (eat healthy) works way better, and saves more animals from certain death, right? Mmm, but getting enough attention is the tricky part.

Wait, don't click this link! It's deep but not tzneeyesdig (modest).

Zako said...

She's only repeating what she learned
in school, in her cursed country.

Ezra the Kapo said...

Ya know, I really wanted to go down to court today to show support for mein tayera chaver Harvey Weinstein but I had to be oisek in some crisis management thanks to some yenta reporter

Ya see, Hasson was really a geshmake Yid who was pushet misunderstood

Un-elected said...

Ezra, great article. Jews can be the same as the Nazis. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never accept leaders who are not elected by the public.

Don't be fooled by the sheep's cloths, fur coats or clergy positions. Coercive un-elected leaders are all Nazi Kapos who serve only themselves or their Nazi leaders for a nice cut of your wallet and other sick benefits.