Monday, January 20, 2020

Who is Shtauber That Calls "Israel News" "Apikorsas" ?

The real irony about this entire video is, that this guy is ranting against the Smartphone, ..yet the entire clip was recorded on a smartphone.

For those who don't understand Yiddish ... I'll try to summarize his yelling and screaming in a few sentences.
But please keep in mind that I couldn't possibly capture the nonsense and hatred against other Jews that this guy, Moshe Aron Gershon Shtauber, spewed.

He first tells a story about an older Satmar Chasid that was davening in the Satmar Bais Medrish ....

"here was an older guy that merited to sit by the holy rebbe's tish (R' Yoilish) left the shul to ask his smartphone on the Siri app...""Israel News?"!!
A guy who had the zchus to see the holy rebbe asks his phone about "apikorsas" rachmuna lizlan" (May G-d save us)"

So let's break this down ....
an older guy that was for sure a Holocaust survivor (the way he described him) is interested in what's happening to his brothers and sisters in Israel ....

 That is now considered ....."apikorsas?"

In the same video, shtauber (now with a small "s") discusses the Jersey City killings ....
Why is that not "apikorsas?"  
Why is news about Israel "apikorsas" yet news about Jersey City ...not "apikorsas?"

This Shtauber guy, with his 3 story $5,000 Shtrimal is barking about a holocaust survivor that wants to know how his brothers in Israel are fairing......

 Shtauber veers off his main topic that was about the "tumedeke" smartphone .... to take apart an elicher yid who witnessed the worst tragedy of the Jewish people in its entire history ....
and who really cares about others in the holy land!

How low have we sunk? How low?
Is it any wonder that people are fed up with this nonsense and leave the fold ....?

I am sure that the guy that filmed this and sent it to the blogs wants it publicized so that all can see how much hatred guys like Shtauber spread in the much division a Shtauber and his ilk can cause and how a single rant and bark can spread and ingrain  "sinas chinum" in the hearts and minds of his listeners!

Even while giving mussar he cannot help calling "Israel News" ..Apikorsas! 

Then Shtauber tells a story that he claims he himself witnessed!

He went to visit a sick man  from Monsey,  on his deathbed in Mount Sinai hospital...
and this is what occurred while as he was saying "viddu" with the man ...

"he has children  "azoi in azoi" (like this and like that) and suddenly I notice one of his children without a beard with his shirt out, sitting near by with one leg over his other, take out the "shvarzter tumedika davar acher" the black tumedika smartphone, while his father was gasping his last breath after having just said viddu, snapping a photo of his father and then sending it to all of his friends"

Who believes this story?....
Is there anybody out there that believes this story? Anyone?

Are you telling me that the dying man's very own son was sitting "with one leg over the other" while his father was taking his last breaths??
And then "sending the photo to all his friends?"
If he did ....I'll bet the kid learned in Satmar!
There is no way that any kid that learned in any modern school would behave like that..... 

Shtauber in one fell swoop destroyed with his lying ugly lips ... the dying man's son because he "had no beard" and "had his shirt out."

Even if we were to say that this incredible story was in fact 100% true, what was the point of mocking a child whose father was on his death bed... and then underhandedly destroying the dying man himself by implying that his children weren't great...
"azoi in azoi"?

Instead of arguing and presenting his case in a rational manner and debating the issue on its merits ....
he destroys the reputation of the dead man's family, makes "choizeik" of the appearances of one of the children of the dying guy and calls "Israel News" apikorsas! 

How does any of his fictional stories have anything to do with the smartphone? 
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Theocracy said...

Shtouber admits 'the Jewish theocracy in NY' "is on it's death bed". At 4:30 - 5:30 in the video, Shtouber tells a story, summarized as: 'Even the most holiest of the Judges in Williamsburg NY is scared to be moyche (protest, aka intimidate) the public.'

Rightly so. Shtouber himself is trying to be moyche (protest, aka intimidate) his crowd and it's all recorded on the terrible smartphone.

Sorry, no more scamming the public. The public is coming for you. I hope they have their tickets ready and are all packed. There will be no time when it hits the fan. This time law enforcement will put the Jewish leaders on a train to upstate NY prison. No more of their sheeple will need to suffer in prison for them. Or on trains to death camps like Auschwitz, while they escape on the Zionist train.

Anonymous said...

You missed the best part.

you cant make this stuff up.
he started by saying
"He heard this from someone sitting on the toilet, next to the stall where this old guy sitting on the toilet". this other guy overheard the older guy saying into google " Israel news"
lesson learned...flush while saying Israel news so that the next guy wont hear....
This must have been a motzeh shabbos outing for the guys instead of a comedy club.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point but the problem is חד גדיא.

He badmouths those groups of Jews that he has a pick against, and then you badmouth his group - Satmar. So next someone might badmouth you to stick up for Satmer etc. חד גדיא חד גדיא

So if you want to profess to better than him I don't know if your approach is correct.

Anonymous said...

1:36 PM, Chad Gadyu (chasing your tail) is an argument, but a distracting argument.

Shtouber is trying to teach people how to act, in this case with smartphones in a negative way. That is wrong and evil. If his way is so good, he should inspire people not to use smartphones in a positive way. By showing how a great lifestyle you can achieve by not to using a smartphone.

Not badmouth others and loudly intimidate the crowd. And then follow up the dictatorship campaign with our kids schools and the secret police. Such people must be chased out of town. They are just self serving dictators and apikorsim (apostates).