Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Dancing at 13th Siyum Ha'Shas From All Over the World...... Jews United As One ....Inspiring!! .........See IDF Dancing At 2:41Mark

The "Siyum Hashas" (completion of the Babylonian Talmud) for the "Daf Yomi" endeavour in which Jews across the globe to simultaneously study the same gemara (Talmud) page daily for 7.5 years was recently celebrated by hundreds of thousands all over the Jewish world.

The largest of these events was held in New York's MetLife Stadium, sponsored by "Agudat Yisrael" in America. 

Approximately 90,000 people gathered for the completion of the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi, screened to additional events around the world, where they chose to focus on the Charedi soldiers in the IDF.

New Jersey "Siyum Hashas" attendees represented a wide range of Jewish communities in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and even Israel. Working haredim, yeshivish, modern Orthodox, recently religious Jews, Sephardim, and Ashkenazim all chose to highlight the Charedi soldiers' Siyum Hashas in Israel.

The Agudah in America is a part of the Worldwide Agudat Yisrael organization, but in the US, the movement is not political, but social. 

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It cares for the needs of the Charedi Jewish community in matters such as education, acts of kindness, and social needs. Although the American organization is an ideological partner for the Charedi parties in Israel, it speaks in a different, non-political language, which may explain the presence of the Charedi IDF soldiers at such a significant event, while in Israel the Charedi parties and events would never showcase them at a Siyum Hashas.

In the current learning cycle, the soldiers of the Netzach Yehuda Battalion celebrated their siyum. Their siyum was attended by Rabbis David Fox and Yehoshua Gerstein of Netzach Yehuda and Rabbi Lieutenant Moshe Mizrahi. The event was also attended by Brigadier General of the Kfir unit, Brigadier General Eran Oliel and all of the battalion's officers.
In recent years, close to 150 soldiers from the Netzach Yehuda Battalion studied Daf Yomi during their military service. On the fourth candle of Hanukkah, they made a siyum, at the same time, on the tractates Brachot and Sukkah.

"Learning the Daf Yomi among my daily tasks gives me a significant boost during my military service," said Dubi Lichter, who celebrated the siyum with his friends. "For me, learning is the highlight of the day, and this is a feeling shared by many of the battalion soldiers. We are proud to do our military service along with the values we got at home. "

Rabbi Yehoshua Gerstein, who coordinates the spiritual activity in the 97th Battalion of Netzach Yehuda, sought to emphasize the uniqueness of the soldiers who learn and serve at the same time, 
"There is a well-known story of the Ba’al Hatanya and the Tzemach Tzedek who both sat and studied Torah side y side. At one point, a baby’s cry broke the silence. The Ba’al Hatanya closed his book, went to comfort him, and only when the baby was calm did he return to his learning. He then told the Tzemach Tzedek that Torah must be taught along with listening to the needs and hardships of the people of Israel."

Rabbi Gerstein told the soldiers who were studying: "Every person must see how he can contribute to public needs near him. May you succeed in both studying Torah and being attentive to the needs of the people of Israel and caring for them. 


Stale Brodt said...

Where's that reader with the Beis Hatalmudnik alter bucher fetter? I will remind him that they are against not only Daf Yomi but also nigginim. They are the only yeshiva that doesn't zing Kabolas Shabbos hee hee hee.

And hey Abish, what's the latest with your money launderer mechitten Yussel & the whole toxic soup in Monsey?

Monster University said...

At 18:40 it sure looks a heck of a lot like Naftuli Monster toward the bottom of the video frame where the people appear more close up.

Let me guess ...

Maybe he was gathering "evidence" that whoever masters Shas is an illiterate hick because they didn't get the same stellar education as public school Shvartzas!

Anonymous said...

Great article. But 2 inaccuracies:

1) Article states: "The Agudah in America is a part of the Worldwide Agudat Yisrael organization, but in the US, the movement is not political, but social."

In fact, Agudah in the US is highly political. The primary umbrella for Jewish leaders to influence politics in NY and beyond.

2) Article states: "It cares for the needs of the Charedi Jewish community in matters such as education, acts of kindness, and social needs."

In fact, Agudah only cares about a few psychopathic leaders. Agudah (works very closely with the UJO and the Catholic church were the primary organizations blocking tough sexual abuse laws for years in NY.

Why would Agudah protect pedophiles and other psychopaths who destroy "education, acts of kindness, and social needs". Because all they want is power. Your attention, your money and your girls. And the really sick ones, your boys too.

Dusiznies said...

Thank for taking a post about a beautiful inspirational event and dragging it into the gutter!
This wasn't so much about Aguda ...but about the achdus .....
When the article stated that Aguda isn't political ... any child reading this article would immediately know that we are talking about "Chareidie politics"

Take your "crap" elsewhere ...

Let the rest of get some inspiration from a Torah Event!

Fressers Arraus said...

I think DIN can agree that the Agudah are the wrong guys for handling the job of the Daf & the Siyum. They are so corrupt that they do a lot of things to muck it up.

And certainly a lot more people would be interested in participating if not for them.

Anonymous said...

Levine has a close relative who does not belong in chinuch. He was pushed out of one yeshiva but immediately got a new job almost as prestigious thanks to his deep Agudah connections. Regardless that the real yeshivishe crowd can't stand the maniac due to his hashkofos with college, fancy custom shirts & Cuban cigars.

The guy has other major problems including anger management issues, has thrown young boys down a long flight of stairs where they could have ended up like that landlord in the news this week. But at least he doesn't molest them like his cousin Heshy Nussbaum.

Anonymous said...

12:09 and Din both want achdus (unity), inspiration and perfection in different ways.

Fresser is the hatzad hashuva shebehen (common ground of the equation), well said.