Monday, January 20, 2020

The Two women found dead in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem Were From Chareidie Homes and Reportedly Jumped!


Two women from Chareidie homes in their 20s were found unconscious near a tall commercial building in Jerusalem on Sunday night.

חנה סוליש בת של שליח בנתניה
 ושטערנא שרה קלפמן בת דודתה מירושלים
Shterna Sarah Klapman a"h 
Magen David Adom paramedics who were called to the scene pronounced them dead.

It is believed that the two women jumped for a reason that is unclear at this time.

Shterna Sarah Klapman was originally from Crown Heights from a Chabad family ..

Magen David Adom paramedics Shlomi Levy and Shalom Galil said, 

"When we arrived on the scene, we saw two young women in their 20s, not breathing and without a pulse. They were both suffering from severe multisystem injuries. We performed medical examinations and, after a short time, had to pronounce them both dead.”
יהי רצון שלא נדע עוד שוד ושבר בגבולנו, ומיד ממש נראה בגאולה השלימה - והרבי בראשנו",
 נחתמת הודעת האבל של בית חב"ד ומוסדות חב"ד בנתניה.
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Anonymous said...

Dollars to doughnuts, they were both victims of CSA.