Friday, January 24, 2020

Satmar Officially Recognizes The Zionist Israeli Supreme Court

Nope .... this is not a joke and it is not satire .....

The Satmar Chassidim hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against the IDF in the Zionist Israeli Supreme Court, claiming that they cannot serve in the IDF because Satmar children from the age of 7 are already ingrained that they will never serve!

To them serving in the IDF is like asking them to eat Treif or asking them to be "mechalleil Shabbos!

However, according to Satmar Ideology, any Zionist Institution is "apikorsas"......
So how did they file a suit in an "apikorsehe" institution?
If they do not recognize the State and any of its different agencies how did they file this suit ....?

because they admit that the Israeli Supreme Court is a legitimate institution. ....!

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