Monday, January 20, 2020

The New York Times Endorses Two Radical Leftists For President! ......Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren

The New York Times endorsed not one, but two candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination on Sunday.
The paper’s editorial board gave their blessings to the crazed fake Indian candidate Elizabeth Warren, and the "no clue Amy Klobuchar in a surprise endorsement that split from tradition.
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The editorial board announced their endorsements toward the end of an episode of “The Weekly,” the Times’ television show that airs on Hulu.
In an article posted to the Times’ website soon after the episode aired, the board noted their two endorsements were a “break with convention.”
In endorsing Warren, the board wrote her campaign writes seriously about policy, while also making a point to highlight proposed anti-corruption legislation and speaking clearly about foreign policy.
“Her campaign’s plans, in general, demonstrate a serious approach to policymaking that some of the other candidates lack,” they wrote in the endorsement.
“Ms. Warren accurately describes a lack of housing construction as the primary driver of the nation’s housing crisis, and she has proposed both increases in government funding for housing construction, and changes in regulatory policy to encourage local governments to allow more construction,” they added.
In their endorsement for Klobuchar, the editorial board called her the “standard-bearer” for the Democratic center.
They argue her centrist position will give her the opportunity to unite the two wings of her party — and offer her a shot at bringing a divided nation together.
“The senator from Minnesota is the very definition of Midwestern charisma, grit and sticktoitiveness,” they wrote.
“Her lengthy tenure in the Senate and bipartisan credentials would make her a deal maker (a real one) and uniter for the wings of the party — and perhaps the nation,” they added.
The editorial board also used the endorsement to criticize President Trump, writing he’s leading the country down a path of “white nativism.”
“The incumbent president, Donald Trump, is clear about where he is guiding the Republican Party — white nativism at home and America First unilateralism abroad, brazen corruption, escalating culture wars, a judiciary stacked with ideologues and the veneration of a mythological past where the hierarchy in American society was defined and unchallenged,” they wrote.
In 2016, the Times’ endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. She lost to President Trump in the general election.

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