Sunday, January 19, 2020

Kosher Winery Spills 1,000 Gallons of Boutique Wines in "Maasar" Ceremony

The Or Haganuz boutique winery on Sunday held a festive ceremony for "maasering" their annual product – winner of countless international tasting competitions – which involved spilling about 4,000 liters (1,056 gallons) of the winery’s fine wine.
 In the time of the Bais Ha'Mikdash, this wine would have been sent to Jerusalem for the use of the Cohanim (priests), but since this cannot be done nowadays, the amount "maasered" is forbidden to use by its owner or any layman, Kikar Hashabbat reported.
The ceremony was attended by the rabbis of the Badatz—the rabbinical court of the Haredi community in Jerusalem which also supervises the kashrut of the winery. Also on hand were the regional rabbi, Rabbi Yosef Elmasheli, and the Rabbi of the Or Haganuz community, the kabalistic Rabbi Mordechai Sheinberger.
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Or HaGanuz is a Haredi cooperative settlement near the grave-site of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the eastern Upper Galilee, in northern Israel, about 3.5 miles northwest of Tsfat. In 2018 it had a population of 548. The winery is managed by the community, which encourages a lifestyle of work alongside studying the internal light of the Torah. All the winery employees are residents of the community.
The winery’s chief winemaker, Rabbi Aharon Ziv, was asked how he feels when he watches such enormous quantities of wine being poured into the gutter after having invested so much effort in producing them, and replied:
 “This is a special donation and Maaser event. It is a time of very great joy. In a different context, just as the more income tax you pay, the more profit you made, likewise, the more wine you pour out, the more wine you made.”
However, Rabbi Ziv explained, “What you poured out is actually what really belongs to you. Money comes and money goes, but the mitzvah you kept when you poured 4,000 liters of the wine’s donations and tithing – this mitzvah will remain yours forever.”


Agudath Two Faced Anti Vaxx of America said...

After all the two faced double talk, the Agudah has now officially caved to Philly and launched a stealth lobbying attack that successfully killed vaccine legislation in New Jersey. So much for Rav Elya Brudny saying at the Fresser Convention that it's against the Torah, the gedolim, and that it's frankly insulting that there are haymishe Yidden in the anti-vaxx machaneh.

Agudah NJ Director Avi Schnall took a break from shoveling more kokosh cake in his mouth to tell the Jerusalem Post: "We are relieved that the majority of the state legislators were willing to be bold enough and strong enough to stand up for religious freedom."

Thank you Agudah FRESSERS for endangering immunocompromised kinder with yenner machala and for really endangering the gantzeh Klal at a time of rampant anti-Semitic violence no less. The Taz in Yoreh Deah 167:8 poskens that a counterfeiter of money who by definition is endangering the lives of all Yidden may be handed over to goyishe authorities who will execute him. He has a din roydef altz the anti-Semitism he causes. R' Moishe Shternbuch shlita in his written teshuva to R' Malkiel writes that unzerra anti-vaxx create chilul Hashem, getting the goyim upset at us.

Anonymous said...

One should rather FRESS & FRESS at restaurants or conventions or anywhere else and not engage in a SOFEK D'OIRAISA of Loshon Horah, Rechilus and Moitzee Shaim Rah, as is propagated on this blog..
We say SOFEK because in spite of this 'Avaryan's' blog, who quotes and ties in non-exsistant pesakim, we at least will give him the benefit of doubt (which is probably against everything Judaism stands for) it is in reality not even a Sofek.
If you read, listen or talk or otherwise propagate this info, you may as well fress at your nearest McDonald or Burger King AND you'll violate many LESS lavin and other Avairos.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Paulzie (UJ) is alive and well.