Thursday, January 9, 2020

3300 women joining together for the first time to celebrate the completion of Shas in the Daf Yomi

 DIN: Just as a point of interest ...I waited a week to see how it was reported in the Chareidie media and there was absolutely no negative press from the Chareidie News ...they just reported that it happened ...

My opinion .... Kol Ha'kovod! 
Now maybe their husbands can go to work and support their families .....

A historic Siyum Hashas for women took place in Jerusalem Sunday, with over 3300 women joining together for the first time to celebrate the completion of Shas in the Daf Yomi cycle. 

The event was initiated and organized by the Hadran organization which uses podcasts and online materials to make the daf accessible to women worldwide.
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Rebbetzin Michelle Farber Cohen, who completed the Daf Yomi cycle with her own group of women, said at the gathering that “in our world where women are progressing academically and setting achievements in all walks of life, it is important that in studying Torah and Jewish texts they should understand the depth of intellectual study which is the core component of our religion. I was moved to see the thousands of women who arrived this evening from all over the country to participate in the Siyum Hashas event.”
Farber added that “from my point of view this Siyum is the starting point for the 14th cycle which will commence this week, since the Hadran organization was established to ensure that at the next Siyum in another seven and a half years, thousands more women will arrive since Talmud study will be more natural and more accessible for them.”


Anonymous said...

Left: Jene Schotenstein.
Right: Lindsay Schotenstein.
Both with Schtenstein English Gemarahs - of course.

Fake Phony Fraud said...

Artscroll duped some American roshei yeshiva to give haskomos to the English Shas. When the gedolei Eretz Yisroel yelled at the roshei yeshiva that the Shas is more than problematic than just killing horvanya, but actually assur due to "Maggid devorov lYaakov" (all kinds of goyim in fact started using it immediately), the roshei yeshiva demanded their haskomos back but Artscroll just completely ignored them and went running to the press with them as a sales tool.

Sounds about right for two faced Nosson Scherman. He's the guy who was alongside Yudi Kolko during his 40 year reign of terror from Stolin to Torah Temimah. When Kolko was finally fried by Rabbi Feivy Mendlowitz siccing the NYPD & NY Magazine on him after he ignored hazmonos from BDA, Machon Lehoyroah & even a special beis din convened by the Moetzes, Scherman jumps out shouting: "I tried to stop Kolko!" Isn't that odd, considering that in the 40 years no one remembers Scherman uttering so much as a whimper of protest! And just recently Scherman penned the main obituary in the Yated for his key employee Malinowitz who notoriously fought to protect all kinds of Beit Shemesh molesters. Scherman took a swipe at the molestation victims in the obit, using nasty insults to attack & marginalize them.

Welcome to the next chapter in the life of Scherman as he tries to impress the Agudah crowd while adorned with his impeccably steamed uphat: champion of the militant feminists in Open Orthopox & Far Left Modern Orthodox!