Sunday, November 18, 2018

Now That the Litvishe Party "Degel" Won Elections .. Yeshivah Boys and Girls Dance In the Same Room Without a Mechitzah To Celebrate

The above video depicts Yeshiva guys celebrating the secular Leon as the new mayor of Yerushalyim .... with girls dancing in the same room without a mechitzah..

G-D forbid if  this happened at a wedding ... The Rosh Yeshivah would 
throw them head first out of the yeshivah..

So I ask ... is it ok for the girls to go to the army now

 Now watch how Chaim Walder the face of the Litvishe Party Degel dances around the newly 
elected secular Mayor of Haifa
After watching both videos both the Boys and the girls can go to the army ...


Unknown said...

Leon is not secular. He is a Shabbat Observant Jew.

Dusiznies said...

it's not me calling him "secular" it's the Chareidie newspapers, Hapeles, Yated etc that are calling him "secular. They also called Aliza Bloch, newly elected Mayor of Bet Shemesh "secular" and I know her personally, she being a neighbor of mine, and she is as frum as any Auerbach follower, though she considers herself "dati'