Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Worried Jew" writes letter to Matzav Blog

For those in the know: the "matzav" blog is really the English Yated. Since the Yated wants to be the Chareidi voice, it cannot possibly have a website, the Rabbis banned the internet, so to get around the ban, they  pawned the website off to their children, so that it appears as a separate entity! 
This is the way Chareidim operate, and it's no wonder no one trusts them anymore.
But here is a letter to the Matzav editor and my answer!
Dear Editor,
I have some questions for the readers of Matzav.
How have we allowed much of Yiddishkeit to be hijacked by those who have decided to rebrand everything so that it is “fun”? 
It is these people who are promoters of running away to the Ukraine for Rosh Hashanah, when a person’s place on the Yom Hadin should be his shul or yeshiva. They run to a Carelbach-concert-kumzitz type of Selichos, because a “regular,” normal Selichos in their local shul is not “fun.”
Good, old-fashioned, genuine Yiddishkeit is cast aside for the new, more “hip” type of Yiddishkeit, where the Yomim Noraim are a chance to escape to Europe and Havdalah has to be a 45-minute guitar-fest. Conventional Torah learning and davening, and normal Yiddishe dress and family life are replaced by feel-good versions of “anything goes.”
Where is the outcry? Or is there no outcry because most Jews have just gone off the deep end and people like me are now far and few between?
I’d rather hear from Matzav readers that people are just apathetic than hear that most people have been baptized and “farchapt” by the insanity, leaving me and some other yechidim to practiceYiddishkeit in purity, without all the fake fluff and the feel-good Judaic culture that seems to surround us wherever I look.
A Worried Jew
Dear Worried Jew.
I am "really "worried" about you and YOUR  "hashkafa".  Personally, I am not for going to Uman for any reason. I will not support the Ukrainians, the murderers of my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and brothers. May Putin destroy them all.
Since the founding of Chassidism  in the late 1700's, Chassidim left their families and went to their perspective Rebbes' to be with them thru Succos,  nothing new here. The Litvishe Rosh Yeshivos also required their students to remain in Yeshiva, as you point out yourself, nothing new here either. 
The reason being,, that Chassidim felt spiritually enhanced being surrounded by their fellow Chassidim and their Rebbe, and the Litvacks wanted to be near their Roshei Yeshivos to grow in Yiddishkeit and spirituality. Everyone in their own way! 
This surge of Ruchniyois that they experienced during these special weeks, remained and kept them going for the entire year. 
During the times of the Bais Hamikdash, men went to be Oilie Regel, and left their families behind, and that's where all this comes from. 
So, Mr. Worrier, what's wrong if a guy feels spirituality at a "Carlebach Selichos Kumzitz?"
It doesn't fit into your narrow-minded lilliputian brain? For you a guy who wants to get close to Hashem by attending a "Carlebach Selichos" is "farchapt" and "babtized?" 
Did you know, that the Leviyim in the Bais Hamikdash played their instruments while chanting the Yoim? Even on Shabbos!
What do you mean by saying "Good, old-fashioned, genuine Yiddishkeit ?"
What does that mean? Does that mean, shukling and rolling your eyes back into your head?
What's wrong with a "Havdalah that is a 45-minute guitar-fest." Who cares? What matters is that they are connecting to their Creator.
Thank G-D, that we have all these ways to connect. Some go to hear a Chazzon, some seek out a "good baal tefilah" some go to a Rebbe, and some, yes, go to a Carlebach Selichos. What's wrong with that? Because it doesn't fit into your mold?  Only a hat with a 4 1/2" Brim, and fancy eyeglasses with pleated pants, is your derech? Or Bushy, thick brisker payis half over the ear and the other half flying in the wind? 
And if a guy wears a blue shirt, he is an outcast?
What's wrong with "feel-good Jewish culture?"
 Depressed is better? What's wrong with "fun?"
There are many ways to connect to Hashem...

Judaism has evolved.
 In the times of the Rambam, they were turbans .... this Shtreimel, and the hats the Yeshiva guys wear is a new phenomenon,. The Chofetz Chaim wore a cap....
You Shoiteh!
You are the one who hijacked our religion !


Anonymous said...

Again, DIN, your double standard is overwhelming. You "preach" to this guy tolerance and everyone there own way, but than have no tolerance for him and just call him hijacking the religion.

Dusiznies said...

I should be tolerant to this in-tolerant guy? He is the one being in-tolerant?

Anonymous said...

Derby has a double standard in everything, HE can say two opposite comments in ONE breath, no problem at all, in truth HE mostly doesn't realize it, (I would venture that his IQ is substandard), & the few times he deliberately does this, he thinks others wont catch on. now to his blog entry, there are so many inconsistencies in those sentences, that its impossible to comment on all of them, suffice it to say he's got it ALL wrong, CARLBACH? That ROEH ZONOS? KUMZITZ selichos? Selichos is a time of serious teshuva, see what the RAMBAM in hilchos teshuva says how to do teshuva, or what rabeinu yona says in shaarei teshuva, but of course DERBY the MASKIL knows better, better than the rishonim achronim, rebbeim roshei yeshivos, because he follows his OWN selfish mind.

Anonymous said...

Zeeskeit...!!! Lechtigs.. !!!

Such a post.... You mom should right away put a red bendele around your ample neck to ward off the "kin"ayine hara.. Mrs. Kol Toov... Please hurry to upp-shpeiy an ayin hara... PTOO...PTOO... PTOO..(left, right, center)

Confusing me with DIN again. So happens, that I agree completely with the Matzav writer about Uman, from what I hear it's a circus. Even during the Oleh Regel times, women were required in the mitvah of simchas tom tov and many women joined their husbands on the regel. For those who stayed home, husband was required to buy her something for simchas yom tov. We really don't know how many stayed home and how many went along with husbands. Would be interesting to know.
Carlebach or Kumzitz slichos is wonderful for those that enjoy it and it's not for you, Mr. 3:41, to judge people on what makes them feel spiritual and what brings them to tshuvah. Dovid Hamelech was the first Carlebach , for your info. Was he a maskil too?
You're a hypocrite... On the the other thread I already made an appeal for peace and mechila, but you're ignoring it. How dare you bring up the Rambam, rishonim , achronim and with the same breath shoot your ugly mouth off again. Especially criticizing people of whom you know nothing about and don't know what touches them to do tshuvah. You are exactly the type whom I'm fighting against. Narrow minded , closed minded cultists who find offense in something new or different. Have you have seen or heard of different minhagim, songs, customs of other Jews who are different than you? Do you even care?? Our religion evolves.. there was a time when there were NO slichos ( slichis) at all..

My friend invites all to his home for slichos. He'll play sad, tearful tunes on his balalaika... then everyone's invited to stay for a midnight bake-in.
He'll be serving, as he said in his charming Romanian-Bessarabian Yiddish :
Gebukkeneh, gezultzeneh, geshmucke chullis ,mit zooddik haysse kutchkeh shmultz.. ( Baked, salted, geshmake challos, with very hot duck fat)
Folks, just do the kumzitzes, Carlebachs or whatever connects your neshoma to Hashem. Just swat away the depressed annoying fly ,and carry on..

Do 465 minutes of musical havdalas if you like , because as you know, no ruah hakodesh, no nevuah ever settled on the depressed person..Read Nach to see examples of music lifting spirits... Especailly when Shabbos is over, when the worries of the coming week start to gnaw at you... This 3:24 above can't even fathom what we're talking about... Don't allow a farchnyukter cold hearted frumack to ever, ever, ever, ever talk you out of it...!!!

Shana Tova.... !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I will posit right here and now... that it wouldn't shock me at all if many (most?) of the old maskillim were turned off by just this sort of narrow-mindedness.
Can the self-righteous sanctimonious types state categorically " Yodenu lo shofchu et hadam hazeh?"
Isn't it ironic that in yeshiva, in the pm secular 3:00 to 6:00, at the very same desk where an hour earlier there was a Bava Kamma gemorrah, there's now a Shakespeare, Dickens, Frost, O. Henry or other such secular book during the English class.. Every yeshiva ( except the ultra) without exception... What happened? A boy caught reading Chesterton, book of poems, etc. etc.. etc... was thrown out of cheder and then out of the shtettel... for good..

Should I mention some of the gedolim who also read these books? ( Shhhhhhh.... and some still do)

We need bright, wise manhigim with foresight to lead the battle against ignorance and fear..

Yated.. !! How many bittul Torah hours do your readers
waste on your rag on Shabbos..???? Mmmmmm?????

Anonymous said...

Final Addendum..

There was a rabbi of a shteibel in the West Side of Manhattan who passed away about a year ago and whose name escapes me at the moment. He was a successful businessman who was the original founder of the Daf Yomi in New York or maybe in the USA. A holocaust survivor from a chassidish family from Poland ( Radomsker chosid??? maybe ) and davened in that shteibel as a regular ballhabus. When the rabbi there died, he was offered the position because he was a huge talmid chochom with exemplary middos and a frequent visitor with presidents and prime ministers.
He only accepted the rabbinical position b'tnai that he would sit in his usual seat , not the rabbi's, and that NOBODY should ever wait for him at the end of shmoneh esreh.
I read a little biography of him and the book is available. If anyone recalls his name , please do post.
This man was a bukee in classical music to the degree that if he heard only 2 bars , he could ID the title and composer. In addition, he was a highly well-read man in the secular fields.
He was a beloved rabbi in a shteibel that was not primarily Chassidish if I'm not mistaken.


Derby.. Looking for just such a rabbi and leader...

Anonymous said...

Every person has his own way. I personally think that the people who go to Uman and dance for hours during havdalah are crazy. But if that's how they connect to God who am I to judge? Same goes to you mister. No one is asking you to go to Uman.

Dusiznies said...

I'm not "Derby" and "Derby" is not me. I see that you were "chuliming" when the Rebbe taught you, because if you were abit smarter, you would see the difference in the writing style...
Dee Dumkup!

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Besser..!!

He knows the difference but figures to hit 2 birds at once... misses all of them..
An Annie Oakley he's not...
He's also a "bucket thrower." Figures if he throws a pail of it ( name not dropping, but droppings nevertheless), something's gonna stick...
Never heard of Teflon..
Heard of the Internet , though..

L'chol Hapoochis pinchhitting for Derby

Anonymous said...

..."hear that most people have been baptized and “farchapt” by the insanity, leaving me and some other yechidim to practice Yiddishkeit in purity, without all the fake fluff and the feel-good Judaic culture that seems to surround us wherever I look..."

Well, Boo-Hoo, Nudnik...!!!!

You're SUPPOSED to feel good about Judaism. Ivdu es Hashem B'simcha...!!!

Kudos to the "insane", "baptized" and the "fachapt."
( He means us trumbhe'nicks, shvoogs and us poi'erishe zhlubbs)

Here I was almost losing hope for a re-vitalized Yiddishkeit, and this crying " purist", unwittingly, informs us that many, many, many are thinking the same as we, the revolutionaries... He hangs himself with his own rope, the goi'yen.

"...leaving me and some other yechidim..."

Tzatzkele teir'er...That's great news... !!! There'll be less & less of you and more & more of us...
Y'know why??
Because Kol Hamosef, Goray'ah... That's why..
We've had it up to our wazoos with your chumrahs, threats, BS, narrow-minded hashkofos...

Derby & the gang...
C'mon cheapskate, pass me one of your Havana cigars, be a sport.