Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sotloff the Beheaded Journalist was a "Brotherhood" sympathizer and loved Islam

Steven Sotloff (in beard) in Traditional Yemeni Muslim Dress (second from right) 

I was debating if I should report this at this time, while the family is still in Shivah! 

But then I thought that it's best to report the truth, so that other "bleeding heart liberals," don't make the mistake of thinking that if only we gave the Muslims back some land, all Arab terrorism would go away. 

If only Israel would stop building settlements in their own country, Arab and Jew would live in harmony!

If only we understood the Arab mind, that all they want is peace, then all would be great!

(Now this should be a lesson to Satmar and the crazed Litvisher Yeshivisha way of thinking, as well ....)

Listen fools, I got news for all you " liberal Obama supporting Jews," 
Steven Sotloff disliked the State of Israel and loved the Arab Brotherhood Terrorists, and got his head handed to him anyway!

In an article [undated, roughly 2013] Steven Sotloff, for the Word Affairs Journal, refused to listen to reason that the Muslim Brotherhood, described by the CIA as the mother ship of all terrorist organizations, was a cruel and extreme terror organization. 

Instead Sotloff argued that this barbaric terrorist organization that murdered any opposition, raped women for refusing to be fully covered, and commit mass executions, had “valid grievances”. 

He proved in his own article that he was simply ignorant, a stubborn islamofacist and unwilling to listen to any reasoning and basically asked for what was coming his way as we now know it:

“…When I told my Egyptian friend Ahmad Kamal that I wanted to go to the Muslim Brotherhood protest camp in Nasser City, a pallid look gripped him. “Don’t go there!” he pleaded. “They are fanatics who hate foreigners. Americans like you are in danger there.” 

After an hour of fruitless conversation over endless glasses of sweet tea, I rose, shook Ahmad’s hand, and headed straight to the lair where he believed I would be devoured. “

“But when I arrived at Nasser City, the picture Ahmad painted of long-bearded, club-wielding extremists bent on roughing up secular Egyptians was just as devoid of truth so much else in this divided country. 
Coups depicted as revolutions, peaceful protesters painted as fanatics, and disgruntled citizens hailed as revolutionaries have transformed Egypt into a circus where the main attraction is the uncertainty of heading into the unknown. …”

“His avowals were not enough to assuage my friend Ahmad’s fears that the Brotherhood was a violent organization bent on reestablishing itself through force. “They are lying to you. Look at the weapons the police captured at their headquarters,” he said referring to the arsenal of small arms and birdshot the security services seized there.”
“… Ahmad refuses to countenance that the Brotherhood and its supporters have legitimate grievances. Such stubbornness is blocking the path to reconciliation Egypt desperately needs to extricate itself from its security and economic woes. And until Egyptians like Ahmad extend an olive branch to those in Nasser City, Egypt will continue to be mired in a zone of uncertainty"

More about Steven Sotloff from friends and journalists who knew him and his love of Islam:

Steven Sotloff Deeply Love Islamic World, Committed to Arab Spring, Respectful of Islamic Culture:
“Steve Sotloff lived in Yemen for years, spoke good Arabic, deeply loved Islamic world,” tweeted writer Ann Marlowe, who met Sotloff during the conflict in Libya. . . . He was, she said “committed to the Arab Spring and very respectful of Islamic culture.”
 Steven Sotloff’s Sympathies Were with Arabic Culture, Not Jews or America:
His sympathy for Arab culture was despite his own ancestry – he was the grandson of Holocaust survivors. He attended a Jewish school [DS: a Reform Judaism school] in Miami.
 Sotloff Moved to Yemen, Where he Lived for Years, Lot of Respect for Muslim World:
“He went to study Arabic and ended up staying,” said Ann Marlowe, a fellow journalist and friend. “Yemen has about a 20-person expatriate community; you go there for full immersion. It is not that many people’s idea of a whole lot of fun. He loved being in a traditional society. He struck me as someone with a lot of respect for the Muslim world.”
Steven Sotloff, Friend of Muslims & Arab Spring Breaker:
“Every Muslim who knew (Steven) is probably mortified and horrified that someone who really was a friend of the Muslim and Arab people has met his end this way,” said Ann Marlowe, a visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute who worked alongside Mr. Sotloff during Libya’s 2011 revolution. “He believed in the Arab Spring. He believed in democracy,” she said. “He believed that Arabs and Muslims deserved the same opportunities we have in the West.”

Check out 
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Lonely Heart said...

Really suprised that Marlowe from the super Right Wing Hudson Institute would be friends with a Lefty like Sotloff


What about if Sotloff was really a CIA or Mossad operative and a good actor who was using his act as the perfect cover?

And you know, there are other reasons why people go to Yemen. There is an eccentric old bachelor in Lakewood who is shidduch-challenged so he once went to Yemen thinking that the girls there would be easy to land. Did I mention he is eccentric? The very traditional Teimanim I'm sure would never let their daughters near him. In any case, the government warned him to stay away from the local Jews and assigned secret police to follow him 24/7. When he asked them again like a nudnik to go see the Jews, they expelled him from the country erev Shabbos which is a whole megilla by itself.

Kosher Ham said...

Um, that's World Affairs Journal; not Word Affairs Journal.