Monday, September 8, 2014

Satmarism vs Zionism, Part 1 .... Chabad is Shabsai Tzvi"

Recently, Satmar published a booklet,  שמעו דבר ה׳  a transcript of Reb Yoel Teitelbaum's Shalosh Seudois Torelech given during and  immediately after the 6 day war, in 1967. The booklet is accompanied with an MP3 which is an actual  recording of the Rebbe speaking on Shabbos at Shaloish Seudois.
Notice the arrogant title of the booklet: "Listen to the Words of Hashem," as if the Satmar Shitah is the words of Hashem!

Satmar is feeling the heat on their irrelevant shitah vis a vis the State of Israel, with reality flying in their faces, and  facts contradicting everything they preached and believed. They are in panic mode as they were in 1967, when they saw that the frum world, by in large, laughed at the ridiculous rants and ravings of the Rebbe! 
The reality was just the opposite of what was taught by the Rebbe. 

Now, with the State of Israel, in full bloom as predicted by our prophets, with miracles happening on a daily bases, with G-D protecting the citizens of the State; Hashem's miraculous protection as over 2,000 missiles were raining down on them , with Jews from all corners of the world coming home, they look like a bunch of pre-historic fools. The Chassidim  are realizing that the shita doesn't hold water, and the Chassidim with a smidgen of  brains are questioning their previous Satmar teachings.

Satmar decided on an all out propaganda campaign, to try to keep the Chassidim in the fold, and to answer their questions. 
On a weekly basis, they publish their nonsense in Der Yid, Der Blatt and Dee Zeitung, but it isn't enough, because the Chassidim with smart phones are reading reality and it contradicts everything that Satmar preaches.
So they decided to regurgitate the Rebbes 1967 Shalosh Seudois Toralach in the hope to stem the tide of reality!

I will post some of the Rebbes sayings and I will comment, so that my Satmar readers see that there is another side that actually makes sense, and that has sources in our Holy Torah!

I will feature parts of this sefer every week not in any particular order and translate and comment. 

Today we have part 1 Titled "Chabad Shabsai Tzvi?"
And this I will only translate, since it it so far off the charts, that I have nothing to say!
Page 28

Page 29 

The above two pages, 28 & 29 of the booklet is a direct attack on Chabad, comparing Chabad to Shabsai Tzvi (the false messiah) because Chabad in 1967 went to the front to  encourage the IDF to don Tefillin:

On page 28, the Rebbe first writes that "Evil People" grab on to the Mitzvah of Tefillin as opposed to other Mitzvas to prove that they are righteous????  Hmmm, Okayyyyyyyyyyy?

On Page 29 on top, the Rebbe says it is prohibited to put Tefillin on soldiers because of their spiritual contamination! He adds that FFB"S can put on Tefillin even if they are spiritually defiled, but not BTS???????????????

I will translate page 29 , where the Rebbe writes that he "doesn't believe that anyone does teshuvah just because he put tefillin on,
 and  adds that "Shabsai Tzvi also made Baalie Teshuvois"

"I'm only saying this, because this [putting on tefillin] became a fad.
The frauds and the evil ones' have attached themselves to this particular mitzvah to advertise to the world, "I'm wearing Tefillin."
I don't believe any of this [that this made anyone frum], and even if it should be true, ..... 
Shabsai Tzvi made Baalei Teshuves in the tens of thousands ...
It is brought down from the books of Reb Yaakov M'emdin and others, that there were Jews that distributed their total wealth and went to Shul to learn and they said "Moshiach is already here" and they did Teshuvah!
Reb Yaakov M'emdin writes that by  the Chacham Tzvi, there was a Shabsai Tzvinik, ..... everybody saw that he did Teshuvah, but from this there was tragedy,"
there is nothing to doubt, who can even doubt their Heresy!"


Anonymous said...

I understand that you have a crazy hatred for satmar becuase you grew up in it but pls come down attacking them. Even in there bikur choilim you cant say anything good about them all you do is attack them.

Dusiznies said...

To 9:38
I'm not attacking Satmar I'm just translating what the Rebbe said , I didn't call the Lubavitcher rebbe Shabsai Tzvi , he did

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Aviner wrote a book Oloh Naale in response to Vayoel Moshe. Not that I have to be convinced, but one of these days I'll try to get the book anyway.
By the way.... We were taught that every Jew must put on tfillin even were he to become pope.
His rebbetzin created the bikor cholim & I'm sure he approved... but with regards to Israel, he had an obsessive, deranged shittah and he convoluted toire'lech to make his points. He had a shpittzel kupp and wouldn't be surprised if he laughed behind everybody's back. In Al Hageulah he distorts contemporary history to a silly degree, to understate. Other than that, it's not worth spending quality time to even talk about it. I'd rather polish my Shaker furniture and watch cukes turn into exciting pickles.
Heck, I'd rather even learn accounting, which to me is Chinese water torture.

Derby... How about some scrambled eggs, toast and Kenyan coffee today?
Don't let me stop you from your cereal and oatmeal.

Anonymous said...

the Derby... Asking once again:
What is it about shalosh seudos that brings about belukshent drushes in some circles?

Is it the Steiglitz betoothpicked herring slices? Is it in the shaloshshoodus barcheslach?
Is it post-chulent beans syndrome ? What is it?

Dusiznies said...

to Derbyj
I'm getting a lot of emails from farbrente Satmarers and they want me to answer the Rebbe's points, so I'm going to do it abit at a time.

Didan notzach said...

Take a look at the disaster that is Lubavitch today with all the Meshichist & even Elokist lunatics and otherwise a big mess of a chassidus. Some legacy the Rebbe has.

Satmar Rov at least in this area was chochom royeh es hanoylad. ANd he wasn't alone.

Brisker Rov - in 1952 - called the Lubavitcher a meshugenna vos maint az er iz Moshiach.

R' Aron Kotler got angry when he read that first 1952 Meshichist sicha and threw it across the room.

Rav Schach's opinion we all know.

Even with the frierdik Rebbe, Kaminetzer rosh yeshiva R' Boruch Ber had big taynos on him.

Anonymous said...

How can I thank thee for your great narrow-minded Malaga besodden.. hep to the jive post????? Let me count the ways..!!!
Exactly why we need a revolution ASAP... to run from your quoters.
We want MANHIGIM... the word "gedolim" will not exist in the new order.. Manhigim who care about us and never attack other rabbis/rabbonim/ ravs to make themselves look better or to make noise. or just to belittle..
What you wrote, Didon, is exactly why we either must walk away from these "leaders" or force them out... They'll never leave, so we want mass exodus... We NEVER want "gedolim" who have nasty things to say about others. We had that for too long and maybe that's why you & I are still in galos... Thanks again Didon...


I'm not Chabad and don't buy into meshichists' Kool Ade/ Vodka but that's not the point..
From which one of your quoters shall we begin??

Derby... Out with failed and failing "leaders'... In with new MANHIGIM who care about US.. not themselves..!! Open eyes to see what they've done and run, run, run.

Ostrich said...

"Good" work, Derby.

Just attack gedolim why don't you as you keep your head in the sand about problems in this world.

Everything will just be "peachy" if you pretend there are no problems!

Anonymous said...

As I said, the meaningless word "gedolim" will not be extant anymore. Beloved Manhigim, the true leaders of the Jewish people will hopefully be in charge.
Ostrich, or Didan or whatever other name you go by...You're just vamping... Specifically because as I write, there ARE problems, that we are revolting. You don't have to like my opinions but at least read what I write before attacking.

the Derby...Isn't the ostrich the Bas Hayana ?? Whatever....

Anonymous said...

You have such myopic vision. The Satmar Rebbe could tell fifty years ago that lubavitch was heading towards becoming a messianic cult, with the Rebbe declaring himself Moshiach. Instead of being awed by the Satmar rebbes foresight, you mock him. What Chutzpa!