Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lipa Schmeltzer Sings for Charedi Troops

Chassidic music sensation Lipa Schmeltzer paid a visit to IDF soldiers of the Netzah Yehuda (formerly Nahal Charedi) battalion, to perform for soldiers as a show of solidarity
Schmeltzer is considered something of a maverick; he hails from the right wing Skver Chassidim, and has faced criticism form some within his community for embracing "modern" styles of music.

But he isn't phased, and says he identifies with the soldiers of "Nahal Charedi" - many of whom come from Charedi homes and communities and have faced ostracism for joining the IDF.

"Nahal Charedi puts up two fights. The regular soldier puts up the fight at the front," but knows that when he returns home he will be embraced for defending his county, he said.

In contrast, he notes "Nahal Charedi has to put up a fight at the front, but also has to put up a fight with people who think that shomrei Torah umitzvot (observant Jews) can't join the army," referring to elements within the Charedi community who are openly hostile towards Charedim who serve in the IDF.

"They're doing an amazing job by showing that you can be a good Jew... and be in the army, and that's a tremendous accomplishment."

Schmeltzer explained that he always performs for Nahal Charedi whenever he visits Israel, "not to [visit] Nahal Charedi, I won't feel fulfilled - this is the icing on the cake."

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