Thursday, September 18, 2014

Satmars in Monroe Vote for a Shiksa instead of Chassidic guy for Assembly seat

Aron Weider
Elisa Tutini
Nu Nu, pass the bubbilich! 
Satmar decided that a  shiksa will be better for them than the Chassidiser Guy, so they voted as a block for Tutini. I think Weider didn't hold from the shita, and the shiksa is probably against the "medinah" so it's a perfect fit  ... just speculating!

Rockland County legislator Aron Wieder lost the Democratic primary for the 98th Assembly District seat said election officials Wednesday.

Wieder trailed Elisa Tutini of Monroe by 107 votes in last week’s primary, reports LoHud ( ).
Outstanding votes were counted for Orange and Rockland counties, showing Wieder lost by 61 votes.
The seat for the 98th Assembly District has been open since Annie Rabbitt became Orange County clerk in January of this year.
Tutini will go up against Deerpark Town Supervisor Karl Brabenec in November.


Anonymous said...

There goes sarcastic bombastic derby again, marshua tzaddik matzdik rasha toavas hashem gam sheneihem, always finding fault by satmar brisk Lakewood etc. always seeing only good by reshaim. TOAVAS HASHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know the whole story with Wieder? I heard the Vizhnitzer Rebbe got very angry at him and told the heimishe oylam to not vote for him. I don't know what exactly got Vizhnitz so angry.