Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Satmar bans the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and the "Hastara" Song

So the Satmar Rebbe either used Ruach Hakodesh or  googled the "Hastara" song and found out something very bizzare, known only to him, that the Nazis Murderers, composed this song?


While the Holy Rabbi  was googling he must have used Facebook to see all the Satmar Tznious ladies pouring cold water on themselves!

No word yet, what the Zalonie Camp's position on this is, but my guess is that he will be pro the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and the song, because once his brother is against it, he will be for it!

See translation below:

דברות קודש מ'מהר"א מסאטמאר היום אצל דינור לטובת המוסדות במאנסי 
בשילוב עם יארצייט טיש של היטב לב זצ"ל: איך האב געוואלט זאגן אזא נקדה, יעצט איז די עולם אויף מיט א נייע ניגן וואס הייסט ואפילו בהסתרה, איך בון נאכגעגאנגען די ניגן און דער ניגן שטאמט פון מקורות זרים נאך פון די דייטשן ימח שמם, אויך דער נייע פירצה פון זיך אנגיסן מיט וואסער וואס מיר האבן דאס נישט געזען ביי אינזער אבות הקדושים, איבערהויפט וועם פרויען מאכן דאס, און דאס איז זייער נישט איידל הן הגשמיות והן ברחניות צוליב וואס די קלייד הייבט זיך אויף ווען מען טאנצט פון קעלט און אסאך טון אויס די בגדים ברבים צוליב וואס עס איז נאס געווארן, און עס האט שוין פארדארבט גאר אסאך בחורים, און איך וועל עס מסביר זיין באריכות אן צווייטן מאל, וועגן דעם בעט איך במר נפשי און איך פאדער שטרענג פון די הנהלה פון די בית רחל עס איז אסור פאר א תלמידה זיך אנציגיסן מיט קאלט וואסער נאר און שויער איז עס ערלויבט, און פאר די מענער וויל איך בעטן מען זאל נישט מער זינגען דעם ניגן.

Loose translation:
"Holy words from Our Rabbi & Teacher R' Aaron (Teitelbaum) from Satmar, at the Yurzeit Seudah of the Yetev Lev z"l, in honor of the Satmar Monsey Institutions.

I want to bring out the following point:

The community is now enthralled with the new song called "Afilu B'hastara". I researched the song and I discovered that the song stems from the Germans, may their names be obliterated.

Also, I want to talk about the new phenomenon where people take a bucket of ice and pour it on themselves (ice bucket challenge) , that we had never seen done by our Holy Fathers.
Especially, when women do it, it is not classy, both spiritually, and physically, because the dress lifts up as the lady dances away from the freezing water, and many even remove their clothing in public because the clothes are now wet.
Many Bochrim already got caught up with this and it ruined them.
I will explain this at length another time.
Therefore, I beg with a bitter soul, and strongly suggest to the administration from Bais Ruchel, that they prohibit any student to pour cold water on herself, except in the shower.
And as for the men, I would like to request that they not sing this song anymore!"


Anonymous said...

I doubt that the rebbe of Satmar shlita said those words that you attribute to him, but that ugly leitzunesdige picture you printed is disgusting, as he is a real Baal tzura, geon olam vetzadik yesod olam, shame on you shame on you, hamevazeh talmid chacham ein refuah lemakaso, you are a disgrace to the parents that raised you.

Anonymous said...

And I will.add you are a disgrace to klal yisroel, kat leitzim is from those kittos that will not be zoche Lakabel pnei Shchina. You are a low life, posting a portrait that some menuval cut and pasted, the rebbe of satmars tzurah, is mesugal to look at him and get yourself imbibed with Yiras Shomayim, who better than has so little of that stuff.

Dusiznies said...

to 1:59
You could hear the Rebbe with your own ears say it
call Kol Mevaser
1 (212)444-9999

srulyc said...

If he indeed did say these statements (given his track record he probably did say it) what is wrong in publicizing his holy intelligent speech?

Dusiznies said...
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Anonymous said...

The Hoo-Ha Song __copyright 20014

Words & Music by: Shana Peirush multi-linguist-BABELer anony-MOUSEr.

4/4 #
Allegro ..( audience participation encouraged)

{verse}-- Blah, blah, blah, blah ,blah.

{chorus] ..Boom, Boom, clap, clap, blablablablablablah...Clap, Clap.

[ Bass Solo-- very deep}... Bloooooo-wah---Blooooooo-wah, de Blahhhhh...b

{chorus}... Blah, clap, Blah, clap, Blah, clap, blah delah blah delah.. Clap, clap... BOOM Blah..!!

the Derby... in the gallery watching thousands of robots going stark raving pickled
mad, after a pre-concert kool-ade / Malaga slurp fest...

It's kind of frightening how the hypnotized were singing along blab for blab .

Dusiznies said...

the correct phone number to hear the
"dibros kodesh"

Dusiznies said...

To hear the quoted stuff in my post from the Holy Rebbe Himself dial the above number and press 44 on the main menu

Anonymous said...

Yahrtzeits are holier days for certain chassidim than live people.. They're forever banning M/THUR tachnuns because of their perennial yahrtzeits. Fly all over the world , spend magabucks to be at kevorim all begartled and yehi rotzoned for yahrtzei ts..
Yahrtzeit, yahrtzeit, tikkin, tikkin,, .

Time to take care of live people for a change, y'think??

Overheard in Moishey's Clown & Country the other day:

" Ah, I was so beegeistered in Uman.." ( Translation: A mechaye to be away from my family for a change)
" That's goornish.. You shoodda been in Chust, in OOyhell, Kamenetz-Podolsk " ( Translation: I'm holier than you and slightly bigger oysher)

Surprisingly, there are still many in the 'nisht ich shtink, nisht ich shmeck' crowd that go for this. Even very intelligent people.
But what does my eccentric,nerdy mind know?

I'm indulging in my 2 newly discovered passions.. 19th century Shaker furniture and mid 1970s Tupperware.Keeps me busy and don't have time nor inclination to observe/celebrate yahrtzeits other than my family's.

The Derby... wondering what it is about shalosh seudeses that bring out belukshened zuggerei.

Anonymous said...

הן הגשמיות והן ברחניות

Hen, hen... A heen & ha hoon.


Funny Farm said...

Derby, with all these hee haw sounds you are making today, they might send men in white coats to take you away!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Funny Farm,
Oh, but it wasn't me.. Please observe that I was in the balcony and just reporting what was happening on stage, and quite disturbed by it. I'm no singer or composer. Don't lock up the messenger..
Hee Haw is, and was, actually pretty funny, but notice that his music is titled Hoo Ha, as I duly noted.
Not to pry, but why are you on a funny farm?

the Derby... would like to schnorr a coupla dozen farm eggs but too embarrassed to ask.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a real pic of satmar aharoni Rebbe

Anonymous said...

How a normal person could consider this piece of human garbage a Rebbe is beyond comprehension,this ROSHA
This piece of of DREK,had the audacity the CHUTZPAH,
To go to court and ask the court to come and verify that his own father has Alzheimer's or dementia,and therefore when he nominated his other son to be Rebbe in Williamsburg should be Null and void,could you imagine this,this animal this human excrement wanted to schlep his 90 year old father a Rebbe of tens of thousands of chasidim,and have the court declare for the whole world
That he is senile, I don"t think that a low life Puerto Rican in Harlem would dare do this to a father.

had the audacity to publicize the names of CHASANIM and KALLAHS,who got married in Monroe without using him as the MESADER KIDUSHIN,and this FERD
Claimed that these couples are halachicly living in sin.
And the children are not MEYUCHES.
And a couple of weeks ago this piece of human garbage ,had his BEIS DIN publicise the. Names of the children born to these couples,and to warn the people that in years from now when it will come to SHIDUCHIM with these children,people should take this into consideration.
GEVALD GEVALD,how could a normal person consider this TZEDRAITE RUSHE this MESHUGENE FERD a Rebbe

Anonymous said...

did you really hear the rebbe say this or just saw the article posted on shaulsons blog.
I dialed the number did not hear the rebbe say this speech.It was satire and you fell for it.