Sunday, September 21, 2014

Top Jewish Obama Official Who Pressured Israel Got $15 Mlln Payoff From HAMAS

Jewish Traitor Indyk 
Martin Indyk was Obama’s and John Kerry’s top diplomat in charge of forcing Israel to “make peace” with HAMAS and the Palestinians and shove all kinds of concessions down Israel’s throat that would be the death (G-D Forbid) of the Jewish State. But, for once, Binyamin Netanyahu, stood tough against him, and Indyk resigned to return to liberal think tank, Brookings, where he is a top official. 
 In exchange for his service to HAMAS against Israel,Indyk was given $14.8 million from Qatar, HAMAS’ top financier (and also ISIS’ top hostage ransom payer). 
The New York Times reported this (without, of course, noting Qatar’s role in HAMAS financing), and few noticed.
For those of you not familiar with Indyk, he is one of the many self-hating, anti-Israel Jews to come out of AIPAC–the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, otherwise fraudulently known as “the pro-Israel lobby.” 
Indyk has company in several fellow former AIPAC employees Wolf Blitzer (now at CNN) and M.J. Rosenberg (another friend of Obama and, until recently, a part of Media Matters) who once pretended to be supporters of Israel but are now cheerleaders for its Muslim enemies. He came to the U.S. as an immigrant from Australia. AIPAC helped him get the visa, and now this self-loathing Jew has U.S. citizenship. Indyk was born in England (thus, the extremely awful teeth).
Indyk was one of the founders of the pro-Israel, AIPAC-allied Washington Institute for Near East Policy. But, then, he joined the Clinton Administration  and has been anti-Israel ever since, constantly trying to shove bad agreements and concessions down Israel’s throat and at times succeeding (see the Oslo Accords, which he pushed and to which Oslo negotiator Caroline Glick acquiesced– but then saw the light . In exchange for pimping Israel on these disastrous concessions, Bill Clinton twice made this hideous creep the U.S. Dumbassador to Israel. And, then, Barack Obama appointed him to a special envoy position in charge of pimping Israel again. But, like I said, Netanyahu told him where to go, and he resigned in frustration, going to Brookings and getting the nearly $15 mill from his HAMAS funding partner buddies in Qatar.
Whenever you see an anti-Israel diplomat in ANY administration–Democrat OR Republican, follow the money and see the ultimate payoffs
Martin Indyk is among the biggest whores for Islam and Islamic terrorism’s patrons. And their johns get their money’s worth. They always do.
Despite all this, the left-wing morons who've appointed themselves to the leadership of Jewish communities across America continue to invite and pay this whore tens of thousands of dollars to hear his pretensions on Israel and the Middle East.
They’d save money if they just watched Qatar’s other financial project, Al-Jazeera. The same opinions are spouted there as emanate from Indyk’s ugly mouth.

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