Monday, September 1, 2014

Satmar Attempts to Annex Parts of Monroe while Israel adds 4000 dunams in West Bank

Ha Ha Ha, LOL, Ha,Ho Ho 
I can't stop laughing while I'm writing this post..... the sheer irony!

One of the Satmar "complaints" against the State of Israel, is the Torah Violation of "Hisgarois B'umois," which basically means that we shouldn't do things to antagonize the gentiles. Satmar's chief complaint is whatever the State does, antagonizes the world, so they should basically all live in shelters and allow the Hamas murderers to rain missiles down on all of Israel! 
The fact that the State of Israel must defend itself, means absolutely nothing to those who live in their comfortable homes in Williamsburg, Monroe and now Bloomberg.
Satmars' shitah is that the very existence of the State, violates this "prohibition." 

I can't wait to read this weeks Satmar Newspapers berating Israel for adding 4000 Gush Etzion dunams in the West Bank, to eventually build much needed settlements!

Now, this violation of "Hisgarois B'umois"  does not apply exclusively to Israel, but in fact this violation was actually put in place in the Midbar in Chutz L'Aretz, it may not even apply to Eretz Yisroel.

So what do the Satmar hypocrites do? 

Ahhh! You took the words straight out of my mouth.
They filed a petition to the Monroe Town Board to annex land to expand Monroe!

Read this:
" A standing-room audience waited more than two hours to address the Monroe Town Board Monday night at the latest packed board meeting since tumultuous town elections in November and then the prospect of a major expansion of Kiryas Joel through an annexation petition property owners filed in December.
Speakers vented frustration with limitations on public comments, the failure to fill a board seat vacant since January and other issues. But Laura Rainoff of Tuxedo drew the loudest applause from the frustrated audience when she raised the annexation prospect that has stoked strenuous opposition at Monroe's raucous board meetings."
Personally, I'm all for Satmar annexing much needed land in Monroe, and the hell with the neighbors. But, I'm also for Israel annexing much needed land for their citizens.
So what is the difference if Satmar violates the dictum of  "Hisgarois B'umois," or if Israel does it?


Non Magyar said...

I asked the Sakmar hypocrites about this and the answer is that Higarois B'umois is only in connection to nations. Local is ok.
Sakmar has an answer for everything

Dusiznies said...

To 4:59
They may actually be right. I think that even if it's not Hisgarus B'umois, it certainly is a Chillul Hashem, eventhough they have the constitutional right to file the petition.
But in reality, what should they do? They need to expand.
But my point is that they scream at others even though they are doing the same thing ....
On the other side of the coin, one can argue, that what Satmar is doing in Monroe is Hisgarus because the neighbors are looking at Satmar as a Nation,

Salted Pretzel said...

I'm not getting into the debate whether there is or isn't hypocrisy on Satmar's part but I can tell you that a lot of these Orange County goyim & secular Jews are just plain anti-Semites.

This Rainoff from Tuxedo. Do you know how far away she is from KJ? Tuxedo borders right on Town of Ramapo in Rockland County. And is she protesting the big developments in her own town like the casino or does she think that is good for business while Charedim are not?

Anonymous said...

They don't "need" to expand. Satmar people already own the land. They can simply build according to existing Monroe codes.

The truth is that this is a land deal to pay back a $40 million pipeline loan. The Kiryas Joel government is charging the land owners $25,000 per unit build for hookup to the water district.

When you see massive actions like this, follow the money. There are a few powerful people in KJ that control the money and the land.

Anonymous said...

If there is one thread that connects all articles on th his blog, its the sarcasm, biting hate filled rantings against litvish,, satmar, Lakewood, brisk, ie Torah true judaism, do you 'really' think or believe you are fooling anyone but yourself?, sweet dreams.

IH said...

Are you related to bobker originally from sydn?

Anonymous said...

dreamer to anon 9,16 says:
and sweet true Judaism dreams to you too.

Dusiznies said...

to 9:16
What part of this article was "sarcasm"?
the part that Satmar intends to annex parts of Monroe and the neighbors are mortified?
Or the Irony of the Satmar screaming at Israel "Hisgarois B'Umois" when they are basically doing the same thing?
Which Part?
And just please chill out, it seems this blog is not for you..
you are taking it to serious!
Go visit the Al-jazeera blog...
no sarcasm there!

or read the Satmar Newspapers, that's actually where I learned " sarcasm, biting hate filled rantings against litvish,, satmar, Lakewood, brisk"

Dusiznies said...

To 9:16 Part 2
I have had the privilege to be on the inside of both camps, Chassidish, and Litvish.
I cannot begin to tell you the hate and filthy lies I heard with my very own ears against Gedoilei Yisroel that I had great respect for. For example, do you know what language Satmar used to vilify Reb Moshe Feinstein, Reb Yaakov Kaminetzky, Rav Shach, R' Eliyasav?
and do you what filthy lies the Litvisher Camp used to vilify Satmar, Chabad etc?
Don't get me started on sarcasm, and hate from the Chassidishe & litvishe velt..

Anonymous said...

"Beautiful Dreamer" is a song by Stephen Foster (1826–1864).

Gorgeous tune, but Neanderthal yahoos who don't know a note from a goat won't appreciate...

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the Derby...Foster was a genius

Anonymous said...

As usual comments on this blog by DERBY, & also sometimes by derby posing as anon, is a mixture of inunendo outright lies relayed as 'facts', the satmar community as a whole, respects horav kaminetzky, horav feinstein, etc. as gedolei Torah, as yirei hashem beemes, at the same time respectfully disagreeing with some of their psakim, as was the derech of gedolei yisroel of the ages, meanwhile uneducated am haaratzim baalei middos megunos, interpret that in your illiterate mind the wrong way, to put things in the right context, harabanim hageonim harav feinstein & harav kaminetzky, are both held in the highest regard in satmar. Its just your pipe dream &(secret hope) that satmar should belittle these geonim, so you could perpetuate your dream of splitting the satmar_litvish camps, how stupid can you get to even think that your vile rantings have any value to ANY decent human being, they are clearly tossed out with the trash, or as they say in Australia, chuck it in the rubbish bin.

Anonymous said...

addendum, unintentionally the names of the other gedolim were not mentioned, harabonim hageonim harav shach & harav eliyashiv, samething applies to them, they are held with utmost esteem, at the sametime respectfully having torahdige disagreements.

Anonymous said...

The SARCASM is all encompassing & runs thru this blog, its so evident, that it leaves a foul vile taste in every line here, know ye, it aint helping you, it turns off every normal person, and taints your every entry, spoiling your hope or chance to inspire anyone to take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

to the composer of Hoo-Ha,
Know ye,You're mixing me with others again. I, other Anons, DIN are separate entities for the zillionth time. I have no personal knowledge of any info posted here on which rebbe said what about whom, because I simply don't care, have never cared and won't.... until further notice.... care, unless it's a rabbi/rebbe that's interesting to me... I get more out of reading a biography on Louis Armstrong than rebbe talk, articles and revisionist ( read; shameless frum lying authors)bios... Even true boring whosaidwhataboutwhom stuff... I DO ... NOT...CARE... Period. So me posing as Anon to write rebbe conversation is just hysterical paranoia. Show me which Anon wrote it...
At least recognize individuals, not a lump of goods. Even remembered you saying 'good riddance' and changed your mind.. I didn't confuse you with someone else.. Maybe if you'd switch from yeshivish Babel-babble to normal English I may not spot you. Not that I care much about your deranged and crazed definition of 'true Torah Jews' anyway... See? I know it's you..

Obviously, you have a shallow life.. Symptom of the brainwashed who eat, drink, sleep their master's words 29/7.Know their every word, wink and hiccup.. No other joy or interest in life... You seem so humourless and dry.. a virtual wooden soldier marching to and fro from the koolade/Malaga vat..." Long live Mao.."

Apparently, you need validation from your Lakewood/Brisk/Satmar petty dictatorships ( especially the heartless Lakewood) to hock a cheinik.. We, the mainstream either ... ( get a little fancy today: pronounce it EYE-ther..thanks).... yawn or laugh or both.
Why am I even getting involved in this BS.. I didn't even write rav this, that talks about himherheenhoon..Who cares???

Derby... advising the Babel-blabbing fanatical lunatic who may our next door Get A Life !!!!!!!!
And I will too, what with back to routines after Labor Day... yech... Gimme the Summer again..

Anonymous said...

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