Monday, September 8, 2014

Satmar Bikur Choilim ignors Asifa against Internet, has a Website!

According to Satmar, Asifas are only for the frum shmegegies, 
Satmar Bikur Choilim doesn't have to abide by any rules, 
Here click on their elaborate website!

Hat tip: sk


Anonymous said...

You should never know what they do. And never have to eat or give some one to eat the hot fresh meals they cook and deliver. And say twice umain

Anonymous said...

You're deliberating ignoring the point. They've assered Internet.
Mei inyen chicken soup ( hot or cold) with a rettach'l ( noch dertzoo) to creating a website?

Folks, it's wonderful that Satmar bikor cholim exists , but having been a patient in a hospital or two I've also seen, bikor cholims of different organizations, Catholic, Presbyterian and other non-Jewish orgs, stamm ladies and men volunteering and helping..( Actually , I didn't see Satmar BC) Satmar has no monopoly here...
One thing has nothing to do with the other.
The earthquake in Huzteplutz....surprise, surprise, surprise, to Satmar..... has nothing to do with TziyoinUm.

Derby...Rereading an O. Henry story with a surprise ending...

Not a Magyar said...

Everyone talks about all the good that Satmar. BIG DEAL - This is exactly what terrorist groups do. They build loyalty through serviced from cradle to grave,

Hamas also has a Bikur Choilim

Hezbollah has a Bikur Choilim

Hells Angels have a Toy Run

Hamas Victory Is Built on Social Work
Though notorious as a militant group, it is better known among Palestinians for its food banks and quality schools and clinics.

Charity Wins Deep Loyalty for Hezbollah

Hells Angels Events